Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I wanted to do an update from my last post of my 2015 yearly review. Although I don't use this blog anymore for general makeup reviews and fashion bollocks, I like the idea I can look back on my diary-like posts in the future and see what was happening in my little life. So here you go -  January to May 2016.

I think in my last post I talked about my friends and how people, both new and old, have come and gone. The friendship group of our new year party is still together -  there's about 12 of us and I love having such a good mix of people around me. I've grown closer to some in that friendship group I've hardly spoken to before in my 6 years at the same school as them (yes Kelan) and it makes me happy to realise I have so much in common with them I never knew before.

I've learnt I can actually be quite a strong person this year. I lost my granddad for starters, and although I didn't see him often, I feel proud to have helped my mum through that process. Funerals are awful and that one was particularly heartbreaking, but I felt good to attend as his granddaughter and see old family.

The boy I mentioned in my last post (the rather romantic new years kiss one), is no longer my boyfriend. I never knew what it felt like to break up with someone properly before, (or have a proper relationship), and it's still rather fresh, but I'm feeling much happier and I think I made the right choice to end that relationship. I do hope one day we will be friends like before again though, because it's hard to see someone you were close to drift away.

This is the time my friends have driving tests coming up. The said 'new years kiss boy' passed, and while together it was fab to have the freedom to go wherever. My work best friend also passed, and picked me up from school the other day -  I felt so independent. Adults take driving for granted, but when you're my age, being able to take yourself places is one of the most exciting things in the world. I cannot wait until Kelan passes, and more of us can spend our summer together.

In terms of school, I'm bloody in love with geography and it seems to be what I want to study at university. Who'd have thought I'd ever feel like that, as I despised the subject early on in the year. Exams are about 12 days away, (and I should be revising instead of writing this), and I sincerely hope I come out with at least AAAB. Maybe I'm being a bit optimistic there, but I want to continue doing well in school. It means a ridiculous amount to me, My spanish speaking exam is over and although I've lost the stretchy man that came with it, I can almost still feel the nerves from that day. Having an unpredictable conversation in another language is SO daunting -  una nueva experiencia para mi.

I think that's about it for the last few months - I'm still working at Tesco, spending my money on various beauty and fashion bits, and enjoying sixth form. Maybe the next update will be in the summer - we shall see what has changed then.

Megan x