Sunday, 10 January 2016


God it's been a while and I don't know if I'm staying, but I wanted to do a 2015 review (although about a week late) for my own personal read in the future. I think it'll be fun as I get older to reread these posts and remember what I got up to as a teenager, as cringe as it sounds.

2015 was the year I felt like I grew up most. For starters, I went through both mock and real GCSE exams. In the mocks I managed to do really bloody well -  and the same went for the actual ones. I took GCSEs in English Lit, English Lang, Maths, Further Maths, Spanish, History, Textiles, Business, Science, Additional Science and something to do with IT... I think that's it. I came out with 7A*s, 2A's, 1B and a distinction. The B was in textiles and I still get annoyed thinking about it. I managed 5th best in the year and I literally bawled my eyes out when I got the results - the picture on the school website is less than flattering (my nose is red af). In terms of education, I'm still at the same school doing 4 A levels in Geog, Spanish, Business and Maths. DO NOT DO A LEVEL MATHS. The stress will kill you. I've fallen in love with geography a little and business will always be my fave subject. It isn't too hard going really.

My friends have changed to people I never expected and it's weird but incredible at the same time. I've made such strong bonds with so many people (not to blow my own trumpet) and I'm all the more confident because of it. My year 11 mates are no longer at the same school (love you Jenna and Dannii) but we've all moved on and I couldn't be happier that they're all doing what they enjoy. The group of boys we all fell out with in Year 11 (hi Harry) are now some of my best friends and it's weird how you can become so close so quickly. 2015 was also the year I got involved with boys romantically (oooooerrrr check me out). My best friends Lauren and Anna have been there to witness it all and I cannot tell you how many times I've called Lauren and we've spoke for hours on end about the deepest of stuff, (never forget Lauren's sobbing over the phone as I was in the staff room) and the group chat was definitely on fire with all sorts of gossip. I wish I didn't delete my messages sometimes so I can reread and laugh about how we both fancied the same boy (maybe that was 2014) or all of our first kisses. It couldn't be cringier but I love those two.

It was also the year I went to my first party and got drunk -  don't worry it was all very sensible. I'll always have those memories with my best friend Lauren and the pictures to go with it. We met new people and I'm so glad we went.

I also started a job. Well, I did one shift at Primark, quit straight away, and now I'm currently working at Tesco on the beauty department. My blog helped me get that job and I'm much more confident because of it. It's difficult balancing 16 hours work and a full time education every week, but there's nothing I love more than having my own wages to spend. It also pays pretty well for my age. I've met so many people there and I feel so comfortable working with ladies older than me too. I've learnt so much from them... mostly about boys and life in general. I do hope the customers don't hear all our conversations though - because sometimes talk gets a bit unpc on the shop floor.

I went on my holidays to Cornwall and a weekend in Bath -  I spent Bath a bit heartbroken but Cornwall was wonderful as always and one day I promise me and my friends will road trip there. A girl can dream at least. Some of my friends have started driving and that'll be something I do come my birthday in June. That's another thing - this year I'll be 17... so weird.

I hope when future me reads this I'll find it somewhat laughable, because I bet the things that seem so serious to me now, I'll look back on and wonder why I ever stressed. My New Years resolution is to spend less time on my phone and do some exercise, but so far I've spent this Sunday half revising and half texting, and when my friends went to get a gym membership I didn't turn up. Here's to a fab 2016...

Megan x

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