Friday, 2 January 2015



Whether you love or loathe the January sales, its rather undeniable that you can actually find some brilliant things with a keen eye and a little bit of Christmas money. Our family never go too far on Boxing Day, so a little trip down to the local shopping centre was really all I needed to make a dent in my purse -  although with this incredible piece, it was hardly going to make me bankrupt.
In H&M, one of my favourite stores, I purchased this longline grey coat, for £15. At full price it was only £24.99, and even then I was going to buy it. I'm not sure what kind of coat style it is (if you know, please leave a comment and I'll update with the correct name), but it is a longline, dark grey coat with one set of buttons and a massive collar. I've never had a big coat before, usually sticking to the standard, small jackets, but I'm starting to question why I didn't purchase this earlier in the season. For shopping or dog walking or general errands it is so perfect to literally 'throw on' over anything, and it feels like a massive blanket on your upper body. For £15, I didn't expect much warmth, but it is surprisingly cosy as well. It's all I could ever want in a piece of outerwear, and I cannot see myself wearing any of my other coats for the rest of winter - I'm too obsessed with this one
What do you think lovelies?
Megan x


  1. It really is a beautiful coat and seems to be so warm! Definitely a good piece to use on the cold days! I always use my big coats the entire winter! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  2. Thank you Mary, and yes, I shall be using this the entire winter as well haha!x

  3. The coat looks adorable. Love the color.

  4. Oh my, this coat is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, it's amazing! I've been into H&M twice this week and haven't spotted it:( now I'm hoping it'll magically turn up ahha!x

    1. I hope it does, there seems to be loads left in my local so hopefully you'll find one somewhere!x

  5. That coat looks amazing, can't believe it was only £15! x

  6. This coat is gorgeous, such a bargain for £15! x

  7. that coat is SO GOOD!

    from helen at


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