Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Being a 6ft tall teenager, heels are often on the end of my priorities list. I tend to reach for flats everyday, although with the annual party season occurring again, I felt like I needed some basic black shoes to combine with my crimbo ensembles.

In H&M, I found this beautifully chic pair of reasonably sized heels. They're the style I absolutely adore; minimalistic and basic. For so long I searched for these, having spotted them on the shelves of my local store months back. Come last week, I was on a frantic scavenger hunt to locate them once more, which included a trawl of 4 London stores -  all of which DID NOT HAVE THEM. I finally did find them again where I first spotted them, so you can imagine the wide grin on my face as I took them to the tills to part with a mere £14.99.

The reason I adore this pair so much is that the height is reasonable. It's just over a 3 inch heel I think, which means they are relatively easy to walk in (although practice was compulsory for me) and don't make me a complete giant, (although I really do love embracing my tallness and I don't think height should stop anybody wearing what they want). I cannot wait to pair these with my new Monki dress (post coming soon), or nude slacks and a white v neck. I've got a few birthday meals with friends coming up, so hopefully these will be getting some good wear.

What are your shoe staples?

Megan x


  1. These are too cute! I love finding cheap shoes.

  2. I feel the whole tall thing! I'm a 5'10 teenager, I never really tend to reach for heels, I like to think of it as not having to endure the pain of such bad shoes.. xx

  3. these are so great for the price! X

  4. They are so amazing!

  5. These look so nice! You could wear them with so many outfits! Thanks for sharing :) X

  6. Gorgeous shoes, a classic like the little black dress.
    xxx Claire


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