Monday, 29 December 2014


Of course, with Christmas comes the variety of beauty products in gift and sale format I just cannot refuse. I actually received mostly clothes for Christmas, which I absolutely loved, and I'm rather pleased I did so, as it meant I had no qualms with buying some more beauty products in the sales, with money I've received for Christmas. So this post is a haul; of Christmas gifts, sale bargains, and random beauty purchases.
Lauren, who I'm certain you all know, had me for secret santa, a new thing we decided to do in our friendship group. Along with a lovely beige H&M scarf, she also gifted me the Nars Orgasm and Laguna Duo. It was so strange, as I literally had an asos basket I was tipping to checkout with the night before, containing an identical scarf and Laguna. I think you could say we have some sort of twin connection. She also kindly gave me an Aussie Gift Set as well -  Lauren, you did good.
From my soon to be Auntie and my Uncle, they got me three items for Christmas that I literally squealed when I opened. These included the Esteé Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum (not that I have wrinkles, but I can still put this to good use around the eye area, that requires so extra tlc), the Esteé Lauder Pure Colour Nail Polish in Blue Blood, and a Mac Studio Sculpt Shade and Line in Ebony Blend. It meant so much to be given such lovely gifts this year.
My nan (I know she'll be reading this), also got me a lovely Super Beauty Raspberry and Cranberry Body Scrub. It smells absolutely delicious, and I can't wait to use it on my legs especially, as they tend to get a bit dry in the winter. Thank you nan!
Now for the sale purchases. In Boots, firstly, obligatorily I had to check out what was left of the half price beauty gift sets. Admittedly, I wasn't too bothered by them this year; none really caught my eye especially, but when I saw the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Trio for £8, I could not leave it, considering one retails for that price, I bagged the bargain of three instead.
Now for the Next sales. I picked up a jumper and a pair of shoes, both of which I've returned since (both didn't fit nicely). However, I had much more luck with NYX. Many Next stores hold a little NYX stand, and as I approached the makeup glory I didn't expect it to be on sale as well, but low behold, it was. So I took full advantage of this, purchasing 6 Jumbo Eye Pencils at £2.00 each (Bronze, Milk, Yogurt, Dark Brown, Sparkle Leopard, Rust), along with 3 Butter Glosses (Tiramisu, Créme Brulee, Peach Cobbler) at £2 each as well, on Saturday. I actually went back to the store today to sort out returns, and came away with three more items, hence why they aren't pictured. I found two Matte Lipsticks (Butter and Whipped Caviar) as well as a Dewy Finish Setting Spray all for £3 each. If you've been wanting to try out some NYX products, I'd recommend skipping down to Next asap. Actually, scrap that... bloody sprint to your nearest store. These sales won't last forever!
What have you picked up in the sales lovelies?
Megan x


  1. I mostly just bought some pretty eyeshadows and perfume oils from some indie got some great things!

    1. ooh they sound so cool, I've never bought anything from indie companies before! Thank you lovely :) x

  2. You got some lovely things! I tried to tone down on the beauty and buy more clothes, but there were a few sneaky purchases.

  3. I've ordered a few palettes from Kiko limited editions only! I'm going to the mall tomorrow hope to see decent discounts! :) You've got great things! xx

    Mary Bloomy

  4. Amazing deals on the NYX stuff! And argh - I wish I could have that S&G lip crayon set haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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