Monday, 3 November 2014


(aaaand an awful IPhone pic of course)
As I'm sure many YouTube fans would know, this past Sunday was Louise's first #LouiseLive show of hopefully more to come in the UK. The minute I heard this was happening in Northampton (fairly local to myself and my friends), I knew I had to get tickets. I went with my best friends Lauren, Anna and Anna's sister, Rachel. From about 1.30pm we queued outside in the hope of a decent seat inside, which we did obtain, although it's not really necessary to come early as Louise said - you could have turned up bang on 3.00pm and still got a seat. Standing in the line wasn't at all boring though, as from our spot we could see some of Louise's close friends and family sitting in the chair area, including Darcy, her dad and grandma, Claire and Dom with his daughter too. If I'm honest, meet and greets with hour long lines for three seconds of small talk has never really interested me, which has completely put me off meeting YouTubers in the past. I have so much preferred paying the reasonable £25 for two hours of casual Louise show time, and I enjoyed every moment.

The show was split into two hour long halfs, the first of which entailed a Q&A from audience members, and a little sing song from Darcy to Let It Go. Even though she was a little bit shy, it was adorable nonetheless and you could just see she was loving time on stage with her mummy. Throughout the majority of the time Darcy was sitting at the back of the room on an upper level with Matt, and could be heard welcoming question askers (that's now a word if it wasn't before) as she echoed a few names. It really was heart warming. Many of Louise's family members were present and it really did feel like a little friendly gathering, as opposed to ridiculously long queues of screaming viewers other conventions can provoke. Being a small event at the Guild Hall with 220 tickets sold, I feel so lucky to have been present at Louise's pilot, a she described it. It was just such a relaxed, humbling experience.

During the second half, there was a Louise Quiz where 8 viewers could participate, more Q&A, a few embarrassing tales and eventually, a selfie with the lady herself. I never expected to get a picture with her at all, so that was quite literally the cherry on top of the already iced and sprinkled cake. Another thing to mention is the goody bags, that were full of generous touches emblazoned with 'aloha sprinklerinos' or 'sprinkle of glitter', including a pen (that has already made its debut in my maths lesson this morning), a badge, a signed picture, a pot of glitter and more. Oooh I almost forgot - there was even Sprinkle Of Glitter water. You can bet I'll be using that bottle until the label falls off for lunch everyday.

If you ever get the chance to attend a live show from Louise, I'd seriously recommend going. It was the most intimate (as Louise said, not that kind of intimate haha) affair that I didn't want to end. Louise, if you ever read this post - congratulations, you were bloody amazing.

Megan x


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun :) Nice to see youtubers growing outside youtube xx

    Mary Bloomy

  2. This sounded so great, I really hope there are more shows soon! x
    Messing With A Dreamer

  3. Aww that sounds like so much fun!! I love Louise so I bet that was an amazing show x

  4. Ah that sounds absolutely lovely and just like her, glad you had a nice chilled time xx


  5. I heard about this but wasn't too sure what it was, it looks so lovely though, love the photos! Abi :)

  6. sounds like you had a really lovely experience! A fun but not crazy or stressful
    Allison from

  7. This sounds so much better than the usual craziness of Youtube events!


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