Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Whilst having a rummage in my daily makeup bag, I realised I had actually accumulated a small collection of Smashbox products, each one blimmin' brilliant. I thought I'd give a little run down on the five products I keep with me daily, being as they all never fail to impress me.

The most used out of my small set is the Photo Finish Foundation Primer for sure. I had a bit of a hatred towards this product as I first started to use it, because I thought it broke me out and instantly that put me off, as you'd expect. However, as I gave it a second chance a few months back, I haven't gone a day with popping some on before I start the whole makeup rigmarole. It does a brilliant job at smoothing the skin, leaving it silky soft to touch and ready for foundation or concealer.

Secondly, I have two eye prep products to share. The first is the Photo Finish Lid Primer, a fairly basic primer that certainly does the job, and I favour to use this daily as well, to blank out the lids so to speak, and create a clean canvas for any eye product to go on top. I also have the Photo Op Under Eye Illuminator, a strange product but nonetheless incredible. It is intended to use to give glow under the eyes, which If you struggle with massive dark circles like me, you'll find very beneficial. I must admit, I don't use this daily as I kind of forget, but when I remember I do notice a considerable difference in that area.

The last two products are ones of colour, a matte lipstick in Latte and a 15 Hour Wear Limitless Cream Eyeshadow in Gemstone. Both of these I picked up in a CCO (along with the two other eye products actually, CCOs are the place to go for Smashbox seriously), and each one I didn't think I'd love but I do. The Lipstick is a matte peachy nude, that surprisingly suits my skin tone and also fits into the KJ lip category. The eyeshadow on the other hand, is a pinky/taupe/bronze mix of everything. It also has some shimmer that is neither silver nor gold, but somewhere inbetween. I wore this yesterday actually and I fall in love again every time it touches my eyelids.

And... that concludes my Smashbox rundown. I'm sure my trip to London at the weekend may see my miniature collection expand further; watch this space.

Megan x


  1. The thing I want to try most from this brand is definitely the primer! Some of their shadows look incredible as well.


  2. I have the face primer in the Luminizing version and it is BEAUTIFUL, if you like the original but want something with a little glow, it's superb. The Full Exposure mascara is also one of the best I've tried. Not that I'm trying to enable you... x

  3. Their primer is so highly written and spoken of I feel like I need to snap it up quick, I haven't actually tried anything from them though...woops! xxx


  4. real wishes: http://www.real-wishes.com

  5. I've never tried anything from smashbox before but their primer looks really lovely!


  6. I feel like Smashbox is such an underrated brand. Big fan of the Liquid Halo Hd foundation I got a sample of the photo finish primer with my foundation and I actually quite liked it. Never really been to impressed with primers but this one did grow on me. The Photo Op under eye illuminator sounds so perfect, I've been suffering with such bad dark circles lately :( adding this to the to try list :D xx



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