Sunday, 30 November 2014


As the last one of these posts went down so well, I thought I'd share another manicure with you all today. My nails are considerable shorter now, and I've even started biting them *bows head in shame*, so here's some photos of when they looked rather presentable.

I used a nude base of OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh, a rather grey based nude that is opaque in two solid coats. On top, I painted the same amount of a Nails Inc glitter in Lancelot Place, a Tkmaxx find I'm obsessed with. It presents black, silver and gold glitters in various shapes, housed in a clear base.

I love how this little bit of layering turned out, although I must remember now to stop nibbling on my nubbins - I want nice nails for Christmas!

Megan x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Whilst having a rummage in my daily makeup bag, I realised I had actually accumulated a small collection of Smashbox products, each one blimmin' brilliant. I thought I'd give a little run down on the five products I keep with me daily, being as they all never fail to impress me.

The most used out of my small set is the Photo Finish Foundation Primer for sure. I had a bit of a hatred towards this product as I first started to use it, because I thought it broke me out and instantly that put me off, as you'd expect. However, as I gave it a second chance a few months back, I haven't gone a day with popping some on before I start the whole makeup rigmarole. It does a brilliant job at smoothing the skin, leaving it silky soft to touch and ready for foundation or concealer.

Secondly, I have two eye prep products to share. The first is the Photo Finish Lid Primer, a fairly basic primer that certainly does the job, and I favour to use this daily as well, to blank out the lids so to speak, and create a clean canvas for any eye product to go on top. I also have the Photo Op Under Eye Illuminator, a strange product but nonetheless incredible. It is intended to use to give glow under the eyes, which If you struggle with massive dark circles like me, you'll find very beneficial. I must admit, I don't use this daily as I kind of forget, but when I remember I do notice a considerable difference in that area.

The last two products are ones of colour, a matte lipstick in Latte and a 15 Hour Wear Limitless Cream Eyeshadow in Gemstone. Both of these I picked up in a CCO (along with the two other eye products actually, CCOs are the place to go for Smashbox seriously), and each one I didn't think I'd love but I do. The Lipstick is a matte peachy nude, that surprisingly suits my skin tone and also fits into the KJ lip category. The eyeshadow on the other hand, is a pinky/taupe/bronze mix of everything. It also has some shimmer that is neither silver nor gold, but somewhere inbetween. I wore this yesterday actually and I fall in love again every time it touches my eyelids.

And... that concludes my Smashbox rundown. I'm sure my trip to London at the weekend may see my miniature collection expand further; watch this space.

Megan x

Sunday, 23 November 2014


If I'm honest, I tend to swerve Primark nowadays. From time to time I find some brilliant bargains, but I don't binge in there like I used to. Sporadically I decided to have a quick browse last weekend, and came across these monk shoes. I've seen similar in Topshop for around £30, and also Next I think, but these were only £12! They also had them in oxblood, which I was desperate to get instead of black but there was only a size 5 and 7 left *cries*. Anyway, I've found them very comfortable and I've even been wearing them to school everyday, where I've had a tonne of compliments on them. I don't think my mum's a fan, but I literally adore them.

What have you picked up from Primark recently?

Megan x

Sunday, 16 November 2014


I'm in a rambly mood today, and as I've had my careers meeting with the lovely advisor recently at school, I thought I'd talk about the future, so I've found a tag on YouTube and I'm just going to type my answers. I suppose looking back on this in a few years could be interesting, so enjoy this little bonus post!

1. What did you want to be when you were little?
I anted to be the typical popstar/dancer. I hate peforming arts now (if it's something you're into please don't be offended, it's just not for me), although I do think I went through a stage of wanting to be a model. Didn't we all?!

2. What do you want to be now?
Full-time blogger is the obvious I think, but of course that doesn't work out for everyone. I absolutely adore business though, so I think combining fashion/beauty and business is what I was meant to do. Either a buyer or a role in marketing I think is where I'm heading, and if possible I want Spanish to be incorporated.

3. Where do you want to live when you are older?
LONDON. It sounds so obvious, but the busy lifestyle that keeps my challenged sounds just for me. I love the sites, the shops and generally the opportunities that appear to be there.

4. What is your dream school/college?
I don't think I have a dream university to go to really. I know for A Levels I am definitely going to stay at my current school as I cannot imagine a better place, but for after that I don't know. I could stay local or go further afield, but I think primarily the aim is to attend one of the top ten, or the dream... Cambridge.

5.Where do you see yourself in five years?
I hate to plan ahead like this, as I think it would disappoint me if I don't end up where I want to be. I'm all for setting goals though, just giving myself a little bit of leeway in the process. Although saying that, I should think I'd be still in education.

6. If you could pick your future room mate, who would it be and why?
Probably one of my friends now (shoutout to Lauren, Jenna, Dannii and Anna). It's so unlikely we'd remain together as a close knit group in the future but if I could pick, definitely one of them. Or failing that, a friendly fashion blogger I could convince to borrow their clothes.

7. How many kids would you like to have?
The honest answer to this is I don't know. I haven't got a clue whether I want 2 or 3, or none at all.

8. Who is your dream husband?
Oooo... I think I'd say Kanye West because of how much of a gentleman he treats Kim (think of all the Yeezus merch as well -  I joke). I don't really have anyone in mind as a 'dream' husband, just someone who I get one with who makes me laugh. Simples.

9. How do you define success?
I think if you're happy, you are successful. Although I try not to be so materialistic and money orientated, I think financial stability for me would be a sign of success too, as well as being in a career I love and can excel in.

Feel free to tell me about where you see your future going in the comments!

Megan x

Sunday, 9 November 2014


For me, blush has always been a favourite step in my daily routine. Sure, I miss it out sometimes in favour of a more bronzed appearance, but whenever I sweep some on those apples of mine it just works a whole load of wonders on my complexion, providing colour and glow. Although matte blushes are also incredibly gorgeous, I've always had a soft spot for the more luminous kind. Today I have an edit of my three favourites to share with you, in the aim of providing choices to give that healthy shimmer.
The cheapest of the bunch is a shade called 'Tease' by Makeup Revolution, at £1. Admittedly, the packaging is dire but the actual product isn't too bad. It is the most pigmented blush out of the three, that I would describe as a bright coral with subtle golden shimmer. Light handedness is key when applying this, but you really can achieve a pretty cheek sheen at such a bargain pirce.
Secondly in the swatch, is Mac Autoerotique. I realise now that this may be discontinued as I purchased it from a CCO, but if you can get your mittens on this blush I would definitely recommend you purchase it. It is more of a dusty dark pink, with a sheen that is neither silver nor gold. On the cheeks, this has to be my personal favourite. Sometimes I find products that I think were made for my skin tone, and this is one of them.
Finally, the much coveted Milani Luminoso. What a pretty specimen this compact of glow is *heart eye emoji here*. Although it is rather hard to find here in the UK, as Milani is a stateside brand (shoutout to Lauren for bringing it back for me from Florida), I'm sure you can find places to pick it up online - hopefully. This is by the far the most shimmery out of all three, and is practically a highlight with a slight peach undertone, instead of a blush. Either way, this can turn a dull complexion into a face that looks the like the sun is shining out of it. Really, it is beautiful *another heart eye emoji here*.
That completes my three picks for a luminous cheek. Any you can recommend?
Megan x

Thursday, 6 November 2014


For the fashion post this Sunday, I've decided to show you all my new favourite pair of shoes. Slip ons have been circulating for a long time now, but this is the only pair I've ever owned and so far I'm loving them. They were a mere £20 from River Island, and fit perfectly. At first they did tear up the backs of my ankles and give my some nasty blisters, but now they are so comfortable and cause no problems. They look amazing with literally everything, from jeans to skirts and are waterproof as well - always helpful for the horrible English weather.

I've also picked up a pair from Primark in a thicker, leopard print, so you can probably expect to see a post on those beauties too.

Have you been bitten by the slip on bug?

Megan x

Monday, 3 November 2014


(aaaand an awful IPhone pic of course)
As I'm sure many YouTube fans would know, this past Sunday was Louise's first #LouiseLive show of hopefully more to come in the UK. The minute I heard this was happening in Northampton (fairly local to myself and my friends), I knew I had to get tickets. I went with my best friends Lauren, Anna and Anna's sister, Rachel. From about 1.30pm we queued outside in the hope of a decent seat inside, which we did obtain, although it's not really necessary to come early as Louise said - you could have turned up bang on 3.00pm and still got a seat. Standing in the line wasn't at all boring though, as from our spot we could see some of Louise's close friends and family sitting in the chair area, including Darcy, her dad and grandma, Claire and Dom with his daughter too. If I'm honest, meet and greets with hour long lines for three seconds of small talk has never really interested me, which has completely put me off meeting YouTubers in the past. I have so much preferred paying the reasonable £25 for two hours of casual Louise show time, and I enjoyed every moment.

The show was split into two hour long halfs, the first of which entailed a Q&A from audience members, and a little sing song from Darcy to Let It Go. Even though she was a little bit shy, it was adorable nonetheless and you could just see she was loving time on stage with her mummy. Throughout the majority of the time Darcy was sitting at the back of the room on an upper level with Matt, and could be heard welcoming question askers (that's now a word if it wasn't before) as she echoed a few names. It really was heart warming. Many of Louise's family members were present and it really did feel like a little friendly gathering, as opposed to ridiculously long queues of screaming viewers other conventions can provoke. Being a small event at the Guild Hall with 220 tickets sold, I feel so lucky to have been present at Louise's pilot, a she described it. It was just such a relaxed, humbling experience.

During the second half, there was a Louise Quiz where 8 viewers could participate, more Q&A, a few embarrassing tales and eventually, a selfie with the lady herself. I never expected to get a picture with her at all, so that was quite literally the cherry on top of the already iced and sprinkled cake. Another thing to mention is the goody bags, that were full of generous touches emblazoned with 'aloha sprinklerinos' or 'sprinkle of glitter', including a pen (that has already made its debut in my maths lesson this morning), a badge, a signed picture, a pot of glitter and more. Oooh I almost forgot - there was even Sprinkle Of Glitter water. You can bet I'll be using that bottle until the label falls off for lunch everyday.

If you ever get the chance to attend a live show from Louise, I'd seriously recommend going. It was the most intimate (as Louise said, not that kind of intimate haha) affair that I didn't want to end. Louise, if you ever read this post - congratulations, you were bloody amazing.

Megan x

Sunday, 2 November 2014


After biting my nails for a good few months, only recently have I managed to grow them to a reasonable square length. I've always considered acrylics, but if I'm honest, I don't have the money nor the patience to bare with them as they grow out. However, sometimes I really do fall in love with my natural nails, and right now I am head over heels.
I absolutely adore the autumn nail colours that surface around this time of year, although I must say the typical burgundy can get a little bit repetitive. I purchased last years A/W collection of minis from Nails Inc, and included in the box of six was this stunning deep green/black called Bruton Mews. It looked really elegant and seasonal which I adore, and so far longevity is really good, as I haven't had a chip for a good few days now. My only complaint is that I left it slightly open so it thickened massively, but I soldiered through and the end result of a beautiful nail set has me obsessed. I've noticed Collection 2000 have a similar shade for £3.19, so that's certainly on my list for the next Superdrug trip.
What do you think?
Megan x