Sunday, 12 October 2014


Being a 'tallie' with legs on the longer side of things makes finding jeans quite difficult for me. They're either too small on the hips or too short in the legs, but recently in New Look I found the perfect pair of black jeans, for £12.99. I managed to squeeze into a size 8 (34" leg too I think)., and they fit absolutely perfectly, like they were made for my body, and I LOVE THEM. Black jeans are such a staple that go with everything, so I couldn't be happier to now own a pair that feel like second skin.

If you fancy a pair of you're own, here's a link to the New Look website listing. Tall girls -  where do you find your jeans?

Megan x


  1. I love new look jeans, I practically live in them!
    Summer x

  2. Wow so affordable! They look great! Abi :)

  3. Oh my god they are a bargain and fit you so well, I like New Look's more basic denim always looks better than I imagine xxx


  4. I have the opposite problem of being short and jeans being far too long! It's often beyond the point of cuffing them as well. I ordered some jeans from the ASOS own brand the other day and you are able to select the length of your leg and you waistband so they are the perfect fit. They come in so many cuts and finishes, definitely something to check out the next time you're on the hunt for some good jeans!


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