Monday, 20 October 2014


Like many other bloggers, I'm pretty sure my Lush cravings begin to form as the Christmas stock fills the shelves. It seems I ignore the brand every other time of the year, but when December falls, you cannot deny their bath product game is incredibly strong. On a recent trip to my closest store, I happened to leave with a reasonable handful of Christmas stock, so here's another cliché blogger Lush show and tell.

The necessity to any shower gel shindig has to be Snow Fairy. The bubble gum, pink cult product that I adore. It smells bloomin' incredible, and the scent lingers for so long after use. My only qualm this year is the price, which I'm pretty sure has increased by 25p, as have most of the products - although don't quote me; I could very well be wrong.

The only Halloween item I purchased was the Wizard bubble bar. Normally I'd go straight for Candy Mountain, but this smelt equally as good and I'm all for trying new things. This cutie was £3.25.

Now for the rest of the festive purchases.. mmmm. For the first ever time I picked up a Golden Wonder bath ballistic (£3.75), having always wanted to give it a try. This year although it doesn't jingle, I'm still buzzing to pop it in a warm tub. Of course, you'll get the verdict very soon. Also on the Christmas front, I decided to try a new addition to the regular festive line up - the Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar (£3.25). He's a very cute little one, who I'm hoping will be moistursing and nourishing in the bath, as he was melting in my hands just holding him. The penultimate product is the Luxury Lush Pud. I've already used this, and oh my was it pretty. You can look forward to a review in the near future, so I don't want to spoil that post for when it comes by saying too much. This one I think was £3.50.

Lastly, is another shower product in the form of the Snowman shower jelly. In previous years I've never seen this, so I'm assuming it's a new addition to the Christmas line up. Shower jellies have always been a bit difficult to use in my eyes, but I still want to give this one a go as it smells delicious and is in a snowman shape when you remove him from the pot. According to the Lush website, this one is £3.50.

What have you purchased from Lush recently? Any recommendations?

Megan x


  1. I love LUSH so much! I have gone a bit crazy this year and picked up pretty much everything they have brought out for the season. Love Luxury lush pud, so pretty! Lush hauls are my favourite!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  2. Lovely photos! I want to try Snow Fairy! I got the Luxury Lush Pud though! Abi :)

  3. I love how bright they all are, love all the Christmassy things!! Really need to try Snow Fairy this year though, and that little cute pud! x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

  4. I'm so excited to go to lush and pick up some goodies soon !
    Allison from


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