Sunday, 5 October 2014


For some reason, I have been absolutely obsessed with jewellery, especially necklaces. It's probably the Kylie Jenner influence - layered jewellery with a grey/black/white outfit floats my boat immensely and makes me a little weak at the knees. It just looks so simple but also grungy.
I haven't bought a statement necklace in the longest time, mainly because I hadn't spied any I loved. I feel like I've been through the triangle with enamel colour phase, but H&M had some great pieces I had to get. The huge silver spiked/feather necklace was £4 in the sale, and I just adore the tone of the metal. It's the dirtier, grungier silver I loved more than the clean sheen type. I hope that made some sense to you all.
Also from H&M was the linked leaf-ish gold necklace, which I think only cost £3.99. It sits on such a perfect place on the neck that it's hard to explain, and once again this is a more battered metal. I purchased it as it went perfectly with a gorgeous silky khaki dress - those colours are seriously a match made in heaven *cringe*.
Lastly from trusty H&M (seriously my favourite store at the moment) was this set of three pairs of gold studs. They're very simple and perfect for school, and even better they were only £1 in the sale.
I also purchased some jewellery from Topshop, which is very unusual for me. The closest Topshop is in the next town, and not the shopping centre I visit regularly, therefore it's rather rare that I actually buy anything there. Shock horror, I know. For £4.50 I got a rather overpriced pair of hoop earrings, with an almost block design to them. I've wanted some simple hoops for a while now, so I thought I'd give these a crack as they are very small and not too gaudy. The second piece purchased from Topshop is the incredibly dainty necklace, which is a small black gem on a gold short chain. This was £6.50, and although it's more pricy than I would have guessed, I absolutely love it. Necklaces are my thing lately, I just love to layer them up with a simple outfit.
And... to conclude a little coin chain from River Island that was only £3. Normally I shy away from the coin type jewellery as I think it can easily look tacky and plastic, but for some reason I ended up buying this one because it just looked a little better quality.

Have you purchased any jewellery recently? I'd love it if you could recommend any online stores that sell reasonably priced jewellery!

I'll be back Wednesday with a beauty post.

Megan x


  1. I love H&M jewelery, it's so inexpensive and on trend! :)
    xxx Claire

  2. Topshop always has stunning jewellery and some of the pieces feel of quite a high quality in comparison to some others.

  3. H&M do such affordable jewellery. I've got some necklaces from there that have lasted me years. But Topshop jewellery is always my fave! I only buy it in the sales. Love the H&M spiked necklace! So pretty x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  4. I love the feather-ish necklace! I love buying pieces from H&M & Topshop, they always have such bargains in the sale!

    Lauren x

  5. GORGEOUSSSSS picks I am having some serious accessorising envy xx


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