Monday, 20 October 2014


This past weekend, my family and two of our friends went to Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs for a weekend break. We arrived on the Friday and left on the Monday, so although it wasn't a very long holiday I still took the opportunity to take some photos with my snazzy camera. Normally my brother and I visit with our parents, but this time as the villa sleeps six we each brought our best friends along. I have to admit, we did have a brilliant time.
I really love Centre Parcs, it's one of the places that will always have me feeling like a child again, as we did used to go there very often in my primary school years. However, this year, we did a couple of extra activities. All four of us enjoyed badminton and the Segway experience, the latter being a definite highlight for all of us. I think we all thought it would be really difficult, but actually it was surprisingly easy and so fun, I just wish we could have had longer on them! If you're thinking of trying it out, I'd definitely recommend.
On top of Badminton, swimming was also high on the agenda everyday. They have a 'subtropical' swimming section, which was certainly my favourite pool, as well as Jenna's. Set outside under the stars, this section has rapids which were so much fun. Admittedly, I did get a few friction burns on my elbows and knees from going down on my belly, but still it was considerably more entertaining than the wave pool (which, was freezing).
Whilst we were there Jenna and I also decided to go for lunch at the Pancake House. I had the 'New Yorker', which was maple syrup and bacon (DELICIOUS), whilst Jenna had the 'Ultimate Chocolate'. Oh, My. Gosh. It was bloody brilliant. You'd never think bacon and maple syrup would go so well together, but believe me, they do.
Overall, my favourite thing had to be the squirrels. I mean, sometimes you have to be careful not to run them over with your bike, but they are so cute and perfect to photograph. I surprisingly managed to get some great shots of a little fellow on the patio table, through the huge windows - they melt my heart every time.

I have a Lush haul and reviews coming up soon, consider this a bonus post.
Have you been to Centre Parcs before?

Megan x


  1. Oh wow I love centre parcs you lucky thing, it's such a gorgeous place to go and so much to do! Might have to start saving for a trip! xx


    1. Definitely Jessica, so much fun!x

  2. Gorgeous pictures, looks like such a lovely place! x

  3. These photos are stunning! I love the little squirrel too, so cute.

  4. Wow you're so lucky! I've never been to Centre Parcs but really want to! Lovely photos especially of the squirrel! Abi :)


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