Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Following last week's Lush haul, here I am with a Snow Fairy review - the epitome of Christmas. I absolutely love the gloriously girly pink stuff, and could quite possible live on it if I had a choice. If any of you have never heard of Snow Fairy before, firstly, where on Earth have you been and secondly, GET YOURSELF SOME NOW. Snow Fairy is like a gaudy pink candy party in a shower gel bottle, that smells delicious and lingers for ages after you've taken a shower. It's expensive yes, but for Lush I surprisingly pay that price without a complaint.
A rather brief review I admit, but I will seriously recommend this to anyone and everyone. My only complaint? Why is it not a permanent addition to the Lush shower gel line, because I need my holy grail fix of sugary goodness.
Megan x

Sunday, 26 October 2014


For this week's fashion post I have an OOTD from Centre Parcs at the weekend. I absolutely
love how the pictures turned out (ty Jenna), and the outfit is one of my go-to throw on ensembles because it is cosy and relaxed at the same time.

Jumper: H&M
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Topshop
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Vans

Please let me know if you enjoy outfit posts, I can definitely get some more up if you all like them.

Megan x

Monday, 20 October 2014


Like many other bloggers, I'm pretty sure my Lush cravings begin to form as the Christmas stock fills the shelves. It seems I ignore the brand every other time of the year, but when December falls, you cannot deny their bath product game is incredibly strong. On a recent trip to my closest store, I happened to leave with a reasonable handful of Christmas stock, so here's another cliché blogger Lush show and tell.

The necessity to any shower gel shindig has to be Snow Fairy. The bubble gum, pink cult product that I adore. It smells bloomin' incredible, and the scent lingers for so long after use. My only qualm this year is the price, which I'm pretty sure has increased by 25p, as have most of the products - although don't quote me; I could very well be wrong.

The only Halloween item I purchased was the Wizard bubble bar. Normally I'd go straight for Candy Mountain, but this smelt equally as good and I'm all for trying new things. This cutie was £3.25.

Now for the rest of the festive purchases.. mmmm. For the first ever time I picked up a Golden Wonder bath ballistic (£3.75), having always wanted to give it a try. This year although it doesn't jingle, I'm still buzzing to pop it in a warm tub. Of course, you'll get the verdict very soon. Also on the Christmas front, I decided to try a new addition to the regular festive line up - the Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar (£3.25). He's a very cute little one, who I'm hoping will be moistursing and nourishing in the bath, as he was melting in my hands just holding him. The penultimate product is the Luxury Lush Pud. I've already used this, and oh my was it pretty. You can look forward to a review in the near future, so I don't want to spoil that post for when it comes by saying too much. This one I think was £3.50.

Lastly, is another shower product in the form of the Snowman shower jelly. In previous years I've never seen this, so I'm assuming it's a new addition to the Christmas line up. Shower jellies have always been a bit difficult to use in my eyes, but I still want to give this one a go as it smells delicious and is in a snowman shape when you remove him from the pot. According to the Lush website, this one is £3.50.

What have you purchased from Lush recently? Any recommendations?

Megan x


This past weekend, my family and two of our friends went to Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs for a weekend break. We arrived on the Friday and left on the Monday, so although it wasn't a very long holiday I still took the opportunity to take some photos with my snazzy camera. Normally my brother and I visit with our parents, but this time as the villa sleeps six we each brought our best friends along. I have to admit, we did have a brilliant time.
I really love Centre Parcs, it's one of the places that will always have me feeling like a child again, as we did used to go there very often in my primary school years. However, this year, we did a couple of extra activities. All four of us enjoyed badminton and the Segway experience, the latter being a definite highlight for all of us. I think we all thought it would be really difficult, but actually it was surprisingly easy and so fun, I just wish we could have had longer on them! If you're thinking of trying it out, I'd definitely recommend.
On top of Badminton, swimming was also high on the agenda everyday. They have a 'subtropical' swimming section, which was certainly my favourite pool, as well as Jenna's. Set outside under the stars, this section has rapids which were so much fun. Admittedly, I did get a few friction burns on my elbows and knees from going down on my belly, but still it was considerably more entertaining than the wave pool (which, was freezing).
Whilst we were there Jenna and I also decided to go for lunch at the Pancake House. I had the 'New Yorker', which was maple syrup and bacon (DELICIOUS), whilst Jenna had the 'Ultimate Chocolate'. Oh, My. Gosh. It was bloody brilliant. You'd never think bacon and maple syrup would go so well together, but believe me, they do.
Overall, my favourite thing had to be the squirrels. I mean, sometimes you have to be careful not to run them over with your bike, but they are so cute and perfect to photograph. I surprisingly managed to get some great shots of a little fellow on the patio table, through the huge windows - they melt my heart every time.

I have a Lush haul and reviews coming up soon, consider this a bonus post.
Have you been to Centre Parcs before?

Megan x

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Being a 'tallie' with legs on the longer side of things makes finding jeans quite difficult for me. They're either too small on the hips or too short in the legs, but recently in New Look I found the perfect pair of black jeans, for £12.99. I managed to squeeze into a size 8 (34" leg too I think)., and they fit absolutely perfectly, like they were made for my body, and I LOVE THEM. Black jeans are such a staple that go with everything, so I couldn't be happier to now own a pair that feel like second skin.

If you fancy a pair of you're own, here's a link to the New Look website listing. Tall girls -  where do you find your jeans?

Megan x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


A few weeks back my mum and dad had a couple of days in London, minus the children (*sobs*). They did hardly any shopping (how I do not know), but managed to bring me back a couple of new Body Shop items from the Wild Argan range. I've been trying out the Solid Oil for Lips and the Shower Gel for a while now, so of course here's a little heads up.

If I'm honest, the scent of these products isn't that enticing. It's rather perfumed, although definitely acquired and not something I love nor dislike. The formula themselves is what has won me over with the shower gel especially. The Shower Gel creates a decent silky lather, and also performs well when squeezed under a running tap, creating lots of lovely bubbles. The main reason I like to use this is because of the moisturising formula, as I'm usually too lazy to apply body lotion after being in the bath, so it provides a little bit of hydration to my legs after shaving. I'm not entirely sure what else there is to say about this, other than it's a lovely product to use and something I do recommend if you're after a new (slightly different) body wash.

For the Solid Oil Lips, I have another positive review. Despite the fact that the product does harbour the same scent, I still find it a perfectly good lip balm for the winter. It's not too thick nor too thin, and avoids the sticky lips situation which I'm sure all of us long haired girls in the wind will appreciate. There's no colour to the product apart from a slight orange tinge, but this certainly doesn't translate onto the lips, and instead just provides a nice sheen. Both products are £4, which I also think is a reasonable price point.

Any other Body Shop products I should try?

Megan x

Sunday, 5 October 2014


For some reason, I have been absolutely obsessed with jewellery, especially necklaces. It's probably the Kylie Jenner influence - layered jewellery with a grey/black/white outfit floats my boat immensely and makes me a little weak at the knees. It just looks so simple but also grungy.
I haven't bought a statement necklace in the longest time, mainly because I hadn't spied any I loved. I feel like I've been through the triangle with enamel colour phase, but H&M had some great pieces I had to get. The huge silver spiked/feather necklace was £4 in the sale, and I just adore the tone of the metal. It's the dirtier, grungier silver I loved more than the clean sheen type. I hope that made some sense to you all.
Also from H&M was the linked leaf-ish gold necklace, which I think only cost £3.99. It sits on such a perfect place on the neck that it's hard to explain, and once again this is a more battered metal. I purchased it as it went perfectly with a gorgeous silky khaki dress - those colours are seriously a match made in heaven *cringe*.
Lastly from trusty H&M (seriously my favourite store at the moment) was this set of three pairs of gold studs. They're very simple and perfect for school, and even better they were only £1 in the sale.
I also purchased some jewellery from Topshop, which is very unusual for me. The closest Topshop is in the next town, and not the shopping centre I visit regularly, therefore it's rather rare that I actually buy anything there. Shock horror, I know. For £4.50 I got a rather overpriced pair of hoop earrings, with an almost block design to them. I've wanted some simple hoops for a while now, so I thought I'd give these a crack as they are very small and not too gaudy. The second piece purchased from Topshop is the incredibly dainty necklace, which is a small black gem on a gold short chain. This was £6.50, and although it's more pricy than I would have guessed, I absolutely love it. Necklaces are my thing lately, I just love to layer them up with a simple outfit.
And... to conclude a little coin chain from River Island that was only £3. Normally I shy away from the coin type jewellery as I think it can easily look tacky and plastic, but for some reason I ended up buying this one because it just looked a little better quality.

Have you purchased any jewellery recently? I'd love it if you could recommend any online stores that sell reasonably priced jewellery!

I'll be back Wednesday with a beauty post.

Megan x