Monday, 29 September 2014


Hola lovely readers,


Yes, I've been gone on here for at least a month now. I wish I could come back with a brilliant excuse and a million valid reasons why I have been so absent, but I don't really have anything other than 'I was lazy'. Incredibly lazy, and a lil bit of bloggers block. School life upped the pressure too, being in Year 11. I felt like my posts were half hearted and a little bit rushed before posting every other day, so I've chosen to divide my time equally between fashion and beauty. So, it's going to be a beauty post on a Wednesday, and a fashion post on Sunday. How does that sound?

I've contemplated changing my blog domain/name for a long time too, and I do think that would really give me the kick I need to get back in the swing of things. I was thinking 'The 6ft Club', being as I'm very nearly reaching that height and it means I could blog about anything. 'Megan Elizabeth' is also a suggestion, so please let me know which you prefer below in the comments or whether you'd just like it to stay how it is.

I've got a jewellery haul planned for Sunday , so I hope you'll all like that - I am a fan of the photos for it.

So there's not much else to say: thank you for being patient, please let me know about a name change and I hope you all enjoy the new schedule that will hopefully mean better quality content (starting from Sunday).

I can't wait to get going again,

Thank you all!

Megan xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hello to all of my loyal readers - I'm so sorry for my absence. I haven't posted in two weeks now, which I'm rather ashamed of. I have no excuse apart from I was too lazy, unorganised and had a bit of bloggers block.

I can promise you I will be back very soon.

Megan x

Monday, 1 September 2014


I have been here too many times to count, since I was very young. It is very close to where we usually camp, and has a cute little town centre and beautiful sea front views.
*Hayle Beach*
On the first night in Cornwall, this was one of the closest beaches to us, so we spent the evening playing tennis and running down the sand dunes here. It's such a lovely beach -  one of my favourite places we went to, as it was so spacious and perfect for a bit of sport (not that I'm regularly sporty).
 *View from our converted barn*
We stayed in a converted barn, not far from Praa Sands for a week. My gosh, it was gorgeous. So airy and bright, with such a simple interior. It was expensive for the week, but certainly worth it - I can't believe we tortured ourselves with camping before!
*Maenporth Beach*
On the Sunday, we went to Maenporth Beach with my second cousins, it was a rather family affair. I'd never been but I'd definitely go again, because it was all you could want in a beach. There was of course the sea, a great little café, toilets (essential if you ask me), paddle boards for hire, and the best rock pools I've ever seen. I had a brilliant day there.
*Pendennis Castle*
This is an incredibly beautiful place. We spent the evening sitting on the beach, eating ice cream and paddling which was perfect. I feel like I'm saying the same thing every time with these places, but this one I was especially fond of. I just adore all of the little pubs and independent shops.
*Kynance Cove*
THE BEST DAY EVER. I cannot get over the beauty of this place, and I think I've decided I much prefer coves to beaches. They're just so quaint, and although it was packed there I did some swimming, exploring and sunbathing.
*Bobby the cat*
 I hope you didn't find this post boring!
Have you been to cornwall or any of the places mentioned?
Megan x