Monday, 4 August 2014


If there's one nail polish shade I can never ignore, it's a good nude. I've got a nice selection of the kind but when I saw this one in a Madrid Sephora, I still had to pick it up (and for the bargainous price of 6 euro).
I know Anna adores this, so of course I had that in my head when I saw it in the store. The shade is a cool, pale taupe with lilac undertones and boy is it sophisticated. I'm only 15 so of course I'm not too educated on the world of work, but I can imagine this would be a great job interview shade. Something elegant, and rather understated.
When I applied this, I was surprised to see it was rather opaque, and two thin coats were needed to reach full opacity. It glided onto the nail flawlessly, and this may be a big statement but I think it was one of the best formulas I've ever encountered. Seriously, it was THAT good. It also had a great longevity, and with top coat lasted the most part of a busy week. I really cannot believe I haven't used more Nails Inc before. If you've ever been hesitant to spend £11.00 on a nail polish, take my advice and just do it. For a staple colour like this, I wouldn't mind paying extra and I'm sure this is a bottle I'll be scraping clean in months to come.
Megan x


  1. It's a classic this one and I agree with you, although Nails Inc polishes are a bit more expensive, they're SO worth it :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. From what I've heard about these polishes they most definitely seem worth the money! This is definitely an understated shade.

  3. Hi Megan! this looks a lot like the Formula X nail color Monumental which i picked from the Madrid Sephora too! although is is half the price of that one.. so a better bargain! such a pretty color! :-)


  4. I love nude nail polishes, they're so versatile and as you said, they're perfect for interviews!

    Jade Rebecca x

  5. Love this colour! The perfect nude! I put off buying it for so long, so happy I did :)

  6. I love Nails Inc, this is such a perfect nude shade :) I'm very tempted! xx

  7. It does seem pricey but once you pick the right shade it is worth it definitely I love a nude nail xxx


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