Sunday, 22 June 2014


For the longest time, I've really wanted to own a pair of Vans. It seems my brother goes through endless styles, so I just felt like it was time I had some of my own. I decided on the all black Authentic Shoes (£47.00), as I thought they'd go with everything and apparently the white soles of the other colours get dirty quickly, so that swayed me to go for these. I got them in an 8 (I'm sure you've all heard my foot size woes before) and they surprisingly make my feet look a lot smaller than they are. I've got plenty of room in them in case (let's hope not) my tootsies grow any more, and they're very comfortable to wear. My only problem is the sock situation, as I love how they look without but then again, I'd rather not have blisters and sweaty shoes. Although kind of overpriced, I love my new Vans. If only I was still in kids sizes I could pick up some more in different colours - I've got my eye on the all white pair!

Do you own any Vans?

Megan x


  1. They look amazing! I don't own any but I would pick this ones too ;) xx

  2. i own the blue vans and i wear them so much, i haven'd had too big of a problem with the white parts getting dirty as they are easy to clean. i'm wanting to get the black and white pair next xx

  3. Trying to find size 8s is a NIGHTMARE! I remember a shop assistant telling me they only stock one of each style in a size 8. No wonder its so hard to find good shoes :P

    These look awesome, I've been after some vans for a while. I'm a sucker for all of the colourful ones though :)




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