Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Whilst in Superdrug with my friends a week or so ago (and in a rather spendy mood may I add) I found myself paying more attention than usual to the L'Oreal stand. It was 3 for 2, and being as I was going to try out some of the new eyeshadows, I completed the trio by adding these falsies to my basket.

These beauties are called the L'Oreal Nails รก Porter Press On Nails in Killer Nude, and they were £7.99 for 24. Pricey, I know. It's so unlike me to buy false nails because usually mine can pass for that, but recently I've bitten them ridiculously so they were in need of a little glamour. In a pack there was 24, as I mentioned, and I justified the purchase for that reason, as I thought that because they had sticky tabs, I could reuse them and just replace the adhesive bits. I was wrong, as they certainly show wear and tear after a few days and do not retain their shape when pulled off, but I know I can at least get two manis from one packet.

Each nail is numbered and has a corresponding adhesive pad. It was a little time consuming sorting them to my nails, writing it down, and figuring out how to apply them but I do think they were worth the effort. They looked so elegant and classic, and lasted a good 4 days which isn't bad considering the packet says 5. I even wore them to Alton Towers, and I can report they stayed firmly put on the Smiler!

Overall, I really love these nails. I was so surprised at their longevity, how they looked and actually, the price isn't too detrimental. I think I'll be trying some of the other designs!

What do you think? Any other false nails you can recommend me?

Megan x

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  1. They look so nice!


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