Saturday, 17 May 2014


Today is just a 'I fancy a rambly haul post' day for me. So that's what it's going to be! There's not too much to show as I'm learning to save my money and spend it on quality items, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

My mum picked up a Dorothy Perkins 25% off discount card from work, so it was obligatory for me to find something in there, right? Some of the clothes in there I must admit, aren't to my taste (do you ever look at an item of clothing, and think 'I'd love you but those gems' or 'that embroidery?!) but for £10.00 (£7.50 with discount) I got this adorable, simple vest top. It is white with a wavy black trim, and I thought it would be a real staple piece and something that would mingle nicely with my mainly monochrome wardrobe at current.

In the same trip, I popped into H&M. I always seem to find things I like in there, but it's actually quite rare I buy them. I spotted this beige faux leather mini skirt on a bottom hanger, and picked it up expecting to see a price of around £35. However, it was only £19.99 so of course, I added it to my pile of try-ons for the changing rooms and ended up loving it. It's out of my comfort zone but I I'm so glad I got it.

The other skirt I purchased was from Primark. I used to spend my life in that shop, rooting for bargains and gleefully coming home with a top for a quid, but now it's not really on my radar. I did go on there on a whim and found this skirt though, a pencil length 'denim' material piece that was only £7. I wanted to get a denim skirt, so I'm pleased I found this for so cheap to try the trend. I wasn't really impressed with much else in Primark though.

The sunnies I purchased are from River Island (I LOVE that place at the moment). These were £13, which isn't bad at all. They're very simple, ever so slightly cat-eyed black frames with gold details on the arms (I have a feeling that's not what they're called...). Quite standard really, but they suited me and I just hope these ones won't break on me like previous high street pairs have!

Lastly, there had to be a cosmetic item in there somewhere. I went for lunch with my friends a few days ago, and of course that meant a little meander around shops too. I went into what seemed like the smallest Boots in the world, and instantly my bargain hunter qualities were drawn to the clearance. I was with Lauren (hey Lauren, I know you're reading eh) and she pointed out Pepta Bright from Indeed Labs (you know, the Hydraluron folk?). I originally bypassed it, but then I had a quick google, literally checked the price and the first few words of a Caroline Hirons review, and I was sold. £8.50 was what I paid for this, with an RRP of £29.99. 

What have your recent purchases been? Any bargains or investment pieces?

Megan x


  1. Great haul, I love your top!

  2. The skirt is not my style but still is drop dead gorgeous! And the Sunglasses ! oh my! So lovely! You have good taste ;) xx

  3. I love that denim skirt, can't believe it's Primark! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I love the skirts, great haul!

  5. the faux leather skirt is so cute, such a great colour for this season!
    Hannah :) x

  6. The top is lovely, love the detail. I know what you mean about Dorothy Perkins some of their clothes are a little old fashion but they do have some gems, you just have to search for them ;)
    xxx Claire


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