Monday, 19 May 2014


It's been a while since I've done a wishlist post, but recently as I keep spending my money I thought I'd try and curb the cravings by doing a post on what I'm lusting after right now. It's my birthday fairly soon, so I'm definitely going to keep these items in mind when shopping then.

1. Zara High Heel Sandal with Wide Straps - £39.99
Oh my are these gorgeous. They reminded my of the Alexandra Wang Petra shoes (very remotely) and the chunky heel looks quite easy to walk in too. They'd go with everything also, and don't even get me started on how incredible they'd look with everything in my wardrobe. These are certainly at the top of my radar right now, even if they would make me about 7 feet tall.

2. Missguided Zabby Nude Slink Strappy Mini Dress - £19.99
I don't think this is really 'age appropriate for me', but it was so Kylie Jenner I had to include it anyway. I don't know where I would wear it, as it is quite low cut and revealing (perhaps to a fancy restaurant if that ever pops up) . The shade is really pretty though, and I love the uber thin spaghetti straps.

3. Zara Faux Leather Skirt with Zips - £25.99
If you have read my haul post, you would have seen that I got a really nice nude faux leather skirtf rom H&M. White is so popular in summer, that I thought I needed one in this shade too. With those shoes before hand too - ugh pretty.

4. Clarins Colours of Brazil' Summer Bronzing Compact - £30.00
I've been going bronzer cray these past few days, so as I only own three I thought I'd go scouting for a new love. Lots of people have been talking about this bronzer recently, so the hype combined with the packaging has made me itching to add it to my basket.

5. Sheinside Grey Short Sleeve Striped Loose T-Shirt - £9.27 (US$15.60)
I instantly fell in love with this when I saw it on Sheinside (I really want to order there, if you've done so before how long does shipping take?). It looked so Parisian to me, and with a pair of oversized sunnies and perhaps some Birkenstock-esque footwear, I think it would work really well.

6. Sheinside Yellow Sunflower Print Pockets Shorts - £16.84 (US$28.33)
When I was younger, my nan used to always have a sun lounger cover in this print, so these shorts almost made me feel nostalgic! I think they'd make a very unique addition to my wardrobe, and although styling them may be a little challenging I still really want them.

7. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - £19.00-£39.00
This one I know will forever remain on a wishlist and will never reach my hair obsessed hands, as I really cannot justify such an amount on a product like this. However, I saw heyclaire use it in a video of hers and it made such a difference to how her hair looked, I didn't think it was possible! It's such a shame about the high price.

8. River Island White High Neck Ribbed Crop Top - £10.00
I've seen this for certain in my local store, so I'm sure it's only a matter of days before I insist on returning to pick one up. With my mom shorts and beachy hair, I think this could look really simple and very nineties (I'm loving that at the moment). You could also pop a kimono over that combo... oooh the possibilites!

So that's all I've been wanting recently. I know I'm going to a CCO near my birthday to do some serious damage that I couldn't afford before, so I'm looking forward to that and spending some pennies on new wardrobe additions. I think you could call me a shopaholic...

Megan x

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  1. I want to get my hands on the Oribe Texturizing Spray too but, like you, I can't justify paying so much for it!
    Great post lovely :) xx


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