Wednesday, 9 April 2014


H&M is one of my favourite places to shop in terms of fashion and it's also where I love to pick up some adorable beauty bits. Therefore, I've gathered a small selection of products to recommend you the good and inform of the ugly.

I want to end on a high, so I'll get the negatives over first with the H&M Eyelash Curlers. They were £1.99 and my Primark pair were a little worse for wear so I could justify giving them ago. However ladies and gentlemen, stick to Primarni (which are 49p cheaper may I add) because this contraption is downright useless. I could curl my eyelashes better with a stick if I'm honest, real caveman style. It's just so rigid to use and uncomfortable to hold. No sir will I be using these often.

The Metallic Eyeshadow Palette cost me a quid in the sale section, and although it's rare I would wear these shades (bar the cream which btw is gorgeous) the formula is definitely in my good books. They're buttery and pigmented, but the only 'meh' is the fall out they give.

The first of the creme de la creme is the BB Skin Perfecting Brush,one I've had for at least 3 months now. It's brilliant for a whole manner of uses, from foundation to cream blush. It is an incredibly dense uber soft angled beauty, that has a very comfortable to hold chunky handle. It's also £5.99. Yes, only £5.99. I would have been prepared to pay so much more for this one!

The Highlighter Powder has some cute packaging, and a beautiful shade to suit. It's quite a neutral highlighter, but if anything leans more to the pink side. It's what I wanted the MUA Highlighter to be - no glittery, no fuss, just glow. This one is £3.99 (I'm sorry if you just spluttered your tea over the price).

And lastly we have the Eyebrow Fix, which is a mere £2.99. The packaging is great, a squishy clear tube with the standard wand applicator. I normally stick to the MUA Clear Mascara for my brow needs, but this just feels a little more fancy. I find the MUA alternative can leave a little of a grey cast on my brows, but this one certainly doesn't.

I really don't understand why the H&M range doesn't get as much hype as the Topshop equivalent. There's some real gems hidden in the plastic packets so I urge you to take a good look next time you're in store. It's cheap, adorable and surprisingly good quality.

Megan x


  1. I never even take the time to look at the h&m makeup if I'm honest. I think you have persuaded me to have a look! xxx

  2. I never even knew H&M sold makeup! The palette looks gorgeous however x
    Elise -

  3. Yeah, I never even knew that H&M sold make up! definitely will have a look now! :D
    great blog post!

  4. I never think to look in H&M for beauty, i will have a nose next time- thanks for posting :) xx

  5. The highlighter looks great, defo more me than the glitter ball MUA one!

    Kate xo //

  6. The brush looks so good and it is so cheap!! I will definitely check out their makeup the next time I go!
    Thanks for letting us know!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  7. Everytime I go into H & M I debate over this highlighter! I will have to get next time!


  8. I never think to look in H&M for beauty products but I'm def gunna have a nose next time I'm in there! :)

  9. Honestly, I don't understand also why the H&M beauty section doesn't get more rave, because there are many good items for small prices...their lipsticks are a little bit of a hit and miss, but I have 2 which I absolutely love!

  10. I definitely think I will be trying the highlighter powder I haven't tried any of H&M's make up before, will steer clear of the curlers though haha xxx

  11. That brush is on my shopping list!

  12. Great post! We havent had makeup in my local H&M and it came last month finally!! I cant wait to go check it out and pick up some stuff!!

  13. The Eyebrow Fix is nowhere to be found on any H&M website. Would you happen to have its catalogue no.?


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