Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Avon is a brand I think we all tend to forget about, expecting it to be aimed at more of an elder demographic - I know my nan and great grandmother were always rather fond. However, since one of my mum's friends became an Avon rep and the books came pouring in I've loved flicking through the catalogues regularly. I must admit, when it comes to foundations it can be a bit hit and miss as there isn't a chance for swatches, but you definitely cannot go wrong with this beauty that is the 8 in 1 Eye Palette in The Nudes.

I'll get the negatives out of the way first, which is the packaging. Yes, it's uber slim and won't take up much makeup bag room, but the shiny black plastic looks and feels cheap and flimsy. It's not the worst out there and certainly not the best.

Housed inside the mediocre compact  are eight eyeshadows, each neutral and wearable. I'll give you a heads up one each one individually:

1st - a very white, gritty sparkle, too much for a highlight, slightly chalky formula.
2nd - Beautiful taupe/grey shimmer, decent pigmentationa and buttery texture.
3rd - All over lid type nude, slight sheen, decent pigmentation and texture.
4th - The only matte in a medium warm brown, great for crease, pigmented and buttery.
5th - Muted gold sparkle, a little bit chalky and gritty but not as bad as the first shade.
6th - Incredible deep chocolate shimmer, best formula out of the whole palette.
7th - Muted pale pink, slight sheen, good all over shade, good pigmentation and smooth texture.
8th - Medium grey sheen, decently pigmented and smooth.

My favourite shades have to be the 2nd, 4th and 6th - seriously stunning. The 2nd almost looks wet on the eyes, something I love with a slick of mascara and liner. It's the grunge look for beginners. Although this palette isn't perfect, I think it is amazing for the price of £12 (£7 currently). I love the colour selection and it's lovely to see more budget brands release eye palettes of decent quality. I also think they chose wisely whe including a matte brown - the palette essential shade. If they'd have popped a less glittery highlight in there I'd be giving it a nine, but for now it's a sturdy 8. I know I'll be getting good use out of this!

Megan x


  1. I love neutrals. This palette looks really nice and what a price!! xx

  2. I don't love everything from Avon and it bugs me like crazy that they swap their collections so often, so if you really like something it's difficult to get hold of it again, but they do have some great value for money products :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. great palette, you can never have enough neutral shadows! xx

  4. Hey, thank you so much for leaving me your link during the chat. Lovely blog! I personally love Avon and own quite a few products and I actually own this palette. I agree with you about the packaging. The eyeshadows are not my favourite but good for the price. Great post! :)

    ~ www.brunette-wavez.blogspot.ie

  5. Such pretty colours, but I really should ask myself; do you actually need another neutral eyeshadow palette?!

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  6. This palette looks really nice! And what a great price! x


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