Sunday, 30 March 2014


Balmain is a brand I've recently been introduced to for their hair and nail products. I've heard of them as a fashion house before but I didn't have a clue they dipped their toes into the cosmetic industry waters, so you can imagine how excited I was to give the Nail Couture* polishes and Silk Perfume* (plus vaporiser*) a try.

I'll start with the not so fabulous here, which is the Silk Perfume*. Essentially, this is a finishing product for the hair which aims to add shine and condition before a model walks the runway (or in my context, leave the house). The scent is quite nice, and although not my favourite it does prove popular with others as I have received compliments after using this. It is also 'enriched with argan and silk proteins', to 'keep hair shiny and radiant'. The actual product is lovely, and does smooth the hair, reduce frizz and leave a gorgeous shine for me. However, I find the packaging really lets this 200ml bottle down as it leaks immensely, is plastic and the vaporiser must be purchased separately, bringing the price to £34. If I'm honest, I would have expected a little more in terms of packaging due to the price.

The Nail Couture polishes really are eye candy. The sleek oblong bottles are super elegant, and despite the colour range being limited, it has a rather exclusive feel. Nude* is quite self explanatory, a mannequin hands shade that I have way too many of but still adore. The brush on this was one of the best I have ever used, being slightly rounded at the tip so navigating around the cuticle was easy as pie. The formula was equally as brilliant, a solid two-coater. My only qualm here is that the finish is semi-matte, but I'm more of a gloss girl. Oh well, it's nothing a top coat can't fix.

The Mat Top Coat* is a great addition to my collection, as I don't own one of the kind. The formula on this is also very good, and I have an image in my head of matte black nails with glossy polka dots. This shares the same brush as the Nude polish, so application is very easy. Matte fingertips may not be to everyones taste, but for nail art purposes of when the trend comes back this is very handy.

You can purchase these items on the Balmain Webshop.

Megan x


  1. I had no idea Balmain had branched out into beauty! The mat top coat sounds very interesting :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Ooh I didn't know Balmain did beauty! The nail polish shades look so pretty. Think I will skip on the silk perfume though, seems a little expensive for what it is.

    Lauren |

    1. I agree Lauren, it's a little too expensive for what it actually does on the hair :( x


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