Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Skincare is a huge interest of mine, and I'm always willing to try new items and discover brands that are talked about a little less on the blogosphere so to speak. Oqibo (which btw is the same upside down, mind officially boggled) kindly sent me their Intense Moisture Defence* (£35.75) moisturiser to review, and I have fallen in love with the product itself as well the saga behind the company.

In 2006, Oqibo was built on four key ideas, hence the quad of sections on the 'O'. They are products, skill, legacy and message and they also have values which you can read about on their website. It's so refreshing to see a brand like this - one that is so simplistic and cares greatly about their products, which is perhaps why there are only four items in the skincare line. They do also make supplements and candles. I do think it would be a nice idea to expand the range, but as they say, quality not quantity. If the others perform like this one does, I have no complaints.

I am a dry skin sufferer, which can be quite frustrating at times. Come winter the flaky patches under my eyes just won't budge and everything looks a little dull. In November/December last year they got so bad that my eyes were red raw and I couldn't wear makeup at all. I mean, people thought I was wearing eyeshadow when I wasn't and kept asking if I was ok... not cool. I swear cold weather sucks the life out of me. I have tried numerous products to attempt to banish the dry patches, which worked half-heartedly but mostly failed. However, the Intense Moisture Defence is exactly what I'm looking for. It is a very thick cream with a light baby powder-esque scent that I personally like. I know some don't agree with fragranced skincare but this causes no harm at all for me. The stubborn dry areas (which have improved massively this month) under my eyes were almost completely gone after a couple of uses and seems to be staying away *fingers crossed*. In general, my skin looks a more moisturised and healthy, which is never a bad thing. I use Hydraluron underneath this which helps massively with making sure my moisturiser does its job as best as it can. If I don't find a cheaper alternative (I wouldn't class this tube as particularly purse friendly) I can see myself repurchasing again. This definitely falls under the 'winter skincare saviour' category in my books.

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