Thursday, 9 January 2014


In London recently whilst celebrating Lauren's birthday, we came across the Kiko store on Regent Street. I've always been curious about Kiko products, as truth be told they aren't coveted massively online. I decided to try two items, both of which were very cheap at £3.90 for the lipgloss pencil and £2.90 for the eyeshadow.

I spied the gloss pencil for the beautiful shade, a nude pink that actually works on my skin tone. Most wash me out but this leaves a muted sheen that I am loving currently. The packaging is very sleek, a matte black pencil with a colour-coordinating end. The only qualm I have here is that the colour range is quite limited, which is slightly disappointing because I love the formula - creamy and non-sticky.

The eyeshadow I decided to try was a cool taupe, which is very good quality (nicely pigmented) considering the price. There was some beautiful bronzes available but I decided to sadly avoid them as I own way too many already. I had a hard job deciding as there was a whole wall full of shadows! The whole store was like heaven. Something I found very practical was the tissues, cotton pads and makeup removers located throughout the store to free us makeup obsessors from the colourful swatch hand.

Overall, I am very impressed with what I have tried from Kiko and the store in London. I really want to place an online order as I'm desperate for more!

Megan x


  1. Such lovely colours especially the gloss pencil, i need a new nude pink and this looks perfect!

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

  2. I love Kiko, it's such an affordable brand and everything I've tried from the so far have been great.
    I just found your blog and I love it. I'm now your 400th follower!

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  3. These sound quite good, I've only tried a few bits of Kiko before but was happy with what I tried. Really purse-friendly brand too :)

    The Belle Narrative


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