Thursday, 2 January 2014


As I do most weekends or whenever I can, I had a browse in TKMaxx a few days ago, one of my absolute favourite things to do, especially with a friend equally as obsessed with finding a good bargain (*cough cough* Lauren). I've found some great things before, such a 3 Deborah Lippmann nail polishes for £8, an Emma Hardie Body Butter for £12 and a scrub for a tenner, a Rodial Glamtox Kit for £12, New CID cream shadows (x2) for £5... the list goes on. I keep Google on hand for some quick research in store, and dig high and low. It paid off, as I really scored this time with some Dalmacija No.1 Occo skincare items...

The first item I initially spotted on the shelves was the Occo  Dalmacija No.1 Intense Hydration Mask. This continues to sell online for £38.00 (it says out of stock on Harrods but was once there), and feels very luxurious in a weighty glass pot. Anything that claims to add moisture to my dry skin proves very intriguing for me. This set me back a fiver... whaaat?!

Secondly, the Protecting Lip Balm. With an RRP of £12.00, this cost only three. I'm not crazy on the liquorice scent, but I'm willing to see past that if it is effective at keeping my lips silky smooth.

Lastly, the Conditioning Face Oil. This has an RRP and still retails at £30 for a bottle, whilst it was priced at £4. Can we have another...whaaat?! I have never tried a face oil before so I was especially excited to discover this, and try it out.

 So my favourite part, the maths bit. I should have spent £80 on the three items. However, I saved £68 and spent £12 on the trio - that's why I love TKmaxx!

Megan x

(Do you like reading these bargain type posts and seeing how much I save? Please let me know as I'll gladly continue to write themas I find bits and bobs!)


  1. Jealous! I may need to go t TkMaxx now, even though I am on a somewhat spending ban! Haha x

    Lauren x

  2. Amazing, what a great bargain find! I wish I lived near a TKMaxx x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. such a bargain! my local tk maxx never has anything this good!

    helen at

  4. Love your blog so much!


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