Friday, 31 January 2014


I've been wanting to write this post for many weeks now, so today I finally took some photos. I really should stop procrastinating.

It was last November that both of the purchases occurred, being the scarf and the coat. Since I got them I swear they've never left my body. Let me explain...

H&M Navy Coat - I cannot find this online (unless I'm being really stupid and haven't looked properly) but I paid a small £24.99 for this cosy beauty. It goes with everything, and just sits perfectly. I never bother doing up the buttons because I can just wrap it around myself and it all looks so effortless. It's one of those additions that you can chuck over the worst outfit in the world to make it look Vogue. Maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but I absolutely love it.

Urban Outfitters Tartan Scarf - The tartan trend was embraced by many this season and I still love to fling this over my neck on those chilly days. It is tartan. but in a more subdued manner. Once again, it goes with 90% of my wardrobe and it looks so 'undone' but still fashionable. I sometimes go for the french-esque look and have one side over my shoulder, but most of the time is hangs loosely and everything seems to fall into place. Just how I like it.

I apologise for posting this as winter is coming to a close, I'm sorry for the dog hairs on my coat and please forgive me for including items you can no longer find online - but I just had to share. It's been my 'uniform' as Vivianna would like to say.

Megan x


  1. My fabulous photography :-) x

    I really want a tartan scarf!

    Lauren x

  2. Love your scarf!

    Kimberley x


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