Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Of all brush brands, Real Techniques has to be my favourite. I love their shape, the fact that they're synthetic, their price point, they do not shed and they're super soft - everything you could possibly want from a brush. I'm yet to own the core collection so to satisfy my cravings for the Buffing Brush. I decided to give the Expert Face Brush a go instead.

This brush is around £9, depending on where you buy. To give you an idea, my mum uses this. I say that as a big thing because if I make my mum try something and she doesn't like it, she won't use it. However, she has been applying her foundation with the Expert Face Brush for over two months now which for her is like a light year. I hope that indicates to you that its a good'un. The size of the brush head and the density is perfect, not too soft or too firm and the bristles are a great length. When I apply foundation using this, I pop some on the back of my hand or swipe some on large areas of my face and proceed to blend, the best part. There's something satisfying about blending, anyone else find that? The finish this brush leaves is very smooth - no streaks here. For concealer this is also a dream, as you can push the product into the skin and the head is not too big to blend around the eyes.

Having a good brush really does do the world of good. I'm yet to own any high end brushes because I think there is not really any need when ones like this are available on the shelves of Boots and Superdrug. Real Techniques - you definitely float my boat when it comes to application!

Megan x


  1. I'm also a massive fan of RT brushes and can't quite decide which one to get next - the stipling brush maybe... ? :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love this brush but I do think the Buffing Brush is slightly better and since I got it, the Expert Face has been relegated to doing my cream blushes :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I love this brush, I really want to try out the buffing brush! xxx

  4. I've just bought this and can't wait to try it out :) xx

    D Is For...

  5. I LOVE this brush, it is amazing! I got it for about £5 on amazon as well, bargain!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  6. I started off with the buffing brush as it came in my first set.. But after hearing so much about this brush, I've been totally converted! It's so perfect for a good application, and I haven't seen a decrease in quality at all.
    amyalaska | Beauty & Lifestyle blog


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