Monday, 27 January 2014


This little mysterious tub is from Pixi, entitled their 'Silk Nourishment Masque'. I say mysterious, because I purchased this from the Carnaby Street store in a deal with the much coveted Glow Tonic at £20 for the two. Therefore, I have no clue what the price is and I cannot find a single trace of it online. Pixi  -  pretty please make your skincare range more available because this mask should be in everyone's collection. Let the rave review commence...

The packaging on this is minimal but perfect; we all love some shine and glitter now and again but on this item the basics totally work. At this point in the review I'd comment on the price, but as I said, I can't. Please Pixi. I'm begging you.

The 'masque' (I guess a more interesting variation of 'mask') is a thick white cream, a similar texture to Sudocrem, perhaps a smidge thinner. I apply a reasonable layer over my face, leave it for as long as I want (it suggests 20 minutes) and wipe it off with a flannel. Whilst on the skin, it feels very soothing, not at all tight (it sets slightly) and most importantly, doesn't have a scent that burns your eyes. We've all been there with the colourful sleepover sachets.

Once I have removed the mask, which is not at all hard to do, I notice such a difference in my face. The under-the-skin red bumps are soothed, my complexion looks even, feels smooth and in general, more clarified and clear. I just can't get enough of the stuff.

Next time I'm in London, I'll definitely pop into the Pixi store again and take a better look at their skincare. I love the no frills aspect, but not that it is comparable to a unicorn, in that you probably don't believe it exists until you see it. For the last time Pixi, I beg. Please put the skincare range online!

Megan x

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  1. Very interesting to read, the only skin care product I had heard of before is the Glow Tonic. :o) Xx

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