Tuesday, 30 December 2014


2014 has been quite a good year for me, although I don't like to judge how my year has gone, mostly because I forget what has actually happened in it, and also as I like to live without thinking of what has happened in the past. Saying that, I thought I'd hop onto the bandwagon of '2014 roundup' posts, and produce one of my own, with 5 things I hope to do/continue into next year I learnt from the last -  scary stuff.

1. Working hard DOES help you achieve your targets: this year, after completing a science GCSE early, I revised for a solid 6 weeks and came out with an A* -  and I really do not like the subject. As for me, this year is the year I have to sit my exams and work as hard as possible (without overstressing as I tend to), that result gave me the boost I needed, to confirm to myself that I can actually achieve my high targets, with hard work.

2. Revision, revision, revision: as just mentioned, I've learnt that preparation is essential, so this year will be the year I 'knuckle down'. I've got a timetable in place and mocks approaching, so lets hope 2015 allows me to succeed as well as last year.

3. Keep it up: the one on everyone's list - keep up blogging. I am literally kicking myself for not giving 100% in the last few months on here, because 2014 could easily have been the year I met 1000 followers, which has been my all time goal, since I started 'Meganails' in 2010 *dies inside*. Too often I become demotivated and compare my blog to others, which makes me really frustrated that I can't afford the latest releases, and I don't have a photographer to take outfit posts, or the money to buy a new blog design or the skills to mess with HTML -  but I need to remember that 900 of you seem to like it, without all the fancy bits and bobs. Although I'll have a workload to cope with, I really do want to be motivated with my little internet space and provide two quality posts a week, at least. I think that starts with buying a blogging book, which I've heard is actually a brilliant way to create meaningful and planned posts, that take time and effort. I did have one before, although I think I'm in need of a revamp - TKMaxx, here I come.

4. Do what makes ME happy: I feel like it all to often I almost hide what I really like to do, because I'm sure you'll all know that being at school does have a tendency to make you conform to the expected social standards of a teenager. Nobody really knows about my blog apart from about 8 people, and I think when people make fun of it, I shouldn't be knocked - it's my hobby, just like some play football or dance. This year, I want to be proud of it, and share what makes me happy with more people. I might even go as far as starting YouTube... woah, I know.

5. Sixteen & Cornwall: these are just two things I am looking forward to in the coming year. I'll be turning 16 (right in the middle of exam season, aren't I lucky?), and the annual Cornish holiday will be happening again. I literally look forward to that week out of the year, because I don't really like flying, but Cornwall is like a little British Paradise with the cutest coves, and tan-enabling weather. That is of course, if it is sunny there. I have family down there too and in general, I just love the place. My only qualm is that there is not a H&M or Topshop for miles down there, although I think a break from retails is probably much needed for a shopaholic like me.

Overall, I'm rather please with myself for getting this far with blogging in 2014. Knowing me, I tend to go through phases of obsessions, but this one seems to have stuck. If you would have told me in 2010 that I'd still be writing posts 4 years later, I would have thought you were mad. But thank you all for commenting and reading my posts (here's the emotional bit). It means a hell of a lot that you lovelies leave kind words, and hopefully this year, will be the year I give 110% into The Beauty Pier (or Lady Tall... I want to do a name change but unimaginative me is struggling).

What are your plans for next year?

Megan x

Monday, 29 December 2014


Of course, with Christmas comes the variety of beauty products in gift and sale format I just cannot refuse. I actually received mostly clothes for Christmas, which I absolutely loved, and I'm rather pleased I did so, as it meant I had no qualms with buying some more beauty products in the sales, with money I've received for Christmas. So this post is a haul; of Christmas gifts, sale bargains, and random beauty purchases.
Lauren, who I'm certain you all know, had me for secret santa, a new thing we decided to do in our friendship group. Along with a lovely beige H&M scarf, she also gifted me the Nars Orgasm and Laguna Duo. It was so strange, as I literally had an asos basket I was tipping to checkout with the night before, containing an identical scarf and Laguna. I think you could say we have some sort of twin connection. She also kindly gave me an Aussie Gift Set as well -  Lauren, you did good.
From my soon to be Auntie and my Uncle, they got me three items for Christmas that I literally squealed when I opened. These included the Esteé Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum (not that I have wrinkles, but I can still put this to good use around the eye area, that requires so extra tlc), the Esteé Lauder Pure Colour Nail Polish in Blue Blood, and a Mac Studio Sculpt Shade and Line in Ebony Blend. It meant so much to be given such lovely gifts this year.
My nan (I know she'll be reading this), also got me a lovely Super Beauty Raspberry and Cranberry Body Scrub. It smells absolutely delicious, and I can't wait to use it on my legs especially, as they tend to get a bit dry in the winter. Thank you nan!
Now for the sale purchases. In Boots, firstly, obligatorily I had to check out what was left of the half price beauty gift sets. Admittedly, I wasn't too bothered by them this year; none really caught my eye especially, but when I saw the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Trio for £8, I could not leave it, considering one retails for that price, I bagged the bargain of three instead.
Now for the Next sales. I picked up a jumper and a pair of shoes, both of which I've returned since (both didn't fit nicely). However, I had much more luck with NYX. Many Next stores hold a little NYX stand, and as I approached the makeup glory I didn't expect it to be on sale as well, but low behold, it was. So I took full advantage of this, purchasing 6 Jumbo Eye Pencils at £2.00 each (Bronze, Milk, Yogurt, Dark Brown, Sparkle Leopard, Rust), along with 3 Butter Glosses (Tiramisu, Créme Brulee, Peach Cobbler) at £2 each as well, on Saturday. I actually went back to the store today to sort out returns, and came away with three more items, hence why they aren't pictured. I found two Matte Lipsticks (Butter and Whipped Caviar) as well as a Dewy Finish Setting Spray all for £3 each. If you've been wanting to try out some NYX products, I'd recommend skipping down to Next asap. Actually, scrap that... bloody sprint to your nearest store. These sales won't last forever!
What have you picked up in the sales lovelies?
Megan x

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


I know what you're thinking. Megan? Two posts? Two days in a row? Whaaaaat?
I'm shocked at myself as well! However, I just had to share these beautiful Christmas nails before the big day, as I though those of you who may want to buy them would find it very frustrating to see them after Christmas.

At the Clothes Show Live, there was a small stand of false nails, from Henry Holland and Elegnat Touch. Its safe to say I did go a little wild -  bringing back 7 pairs at £1.50 each, one of them this gaudy, cringey, novelty Christmas set. I shouldn't love them, but I do, and this year, I plan to wear them on the 25th.

Whether they are a good product, I don't know yet, although I won't really be wanting them to last too long - more of a one day thing.

What do you think?

Megan x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Shoetique, and asked if I would like to pick a pair of shoes fomr their website. Of course I jumped at the chance, maybe even squealing as I read the email, as their site hold some brilliant brands, like Dr. Martens, Clarks, Hunter, and Barbour, among others. However, it was a brand I'd never heard of that caught my eye - Gabor. Knee high boots are so on trend right now, so I thought it would be wise to get a pair of my own. Although they aren't exactly over the knee, they come just below it, and are made of the softest quality leather. I got them in an 8, my usual size, and although they're a little too big, I'm quite pleased I've got the extra room, as it means I can wear some cosy socks underneath. I think a 7.5 would have been a better fit, although I could not see that size in stock on the website at the time. Another aspect to mention is the fit around the leg. These are a medium calf size, which is unfortunately the only calf size available on Shoetique (but directly from Gabor I believe there are three to choose from). They're a teeny bit big, but nothing unbearable, and I do have quite slim legs, so it was to be expected that they wouldn't be perfectly tight. Surprisingly to me though, they're actually not too bad at all.

Despite this, I'm besotted with them. They're called the Black Brook* boots, and retail at £150.00, although are discounted currently on the site. I must mention that delivery was also very speedy, and they actually offer free next day delivery on orders over £40, and a free two day delivery on orders below -  not something you see very often now.

I've been wearing these with jeans and festive leggings so far, although I can imagine they'd look brilliant with skirts as well. They're practical and fashionable -  what's not to like?

Megan x

PS. I do apologise the pictures aren't up to scratch. I tried so many times to take some arty shots of the boots but I found it so difficult. Note to self -  practice photographing larger objects.

Friday, 19 December 2014


As I began to gather my recent purchases and plan blog ideas, I thought to present to you my failsafe Christmas ensemble, in under £50.

The dress here is a short, black and silver sparkly mini. I love the sleeves in particular, as they are 3/4 length and the whole garment is so comfortable and versatile to wear. This cost a teeny £25 from Monki, and it's such a staple I can vision myself styling for a long time.

For shoes, I am planning to pair my H&M heels with most party season combinations. They were £14.99, and literally my perfect shoe -  not too high, black, and minimalistic.

To complete the look, I've chosen some jewellery bits I've had for ages: a Miss Selfridge chain (around £4 at the time) and some H&M rings (around £4 rather recently). I also chucked in a nail polish as a little touch, of which I chose the Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish in Lets Get Nude (£3.69). This is such a Kim Kardashian bare shade, that looks especially good on longer nails.

Altogether, this ensemble costs just over £50. For a versatile party outfit that can be worn again and again, I think that's pretty darn reasonable.

What do you think?

Megan x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


As I've talked about before, a few weekends ago I spent a Saturday in London. Being the capital, of course it was going to be busy, but oh my gosh... I've never seen anything like it. Shoulder to shoulder down Oxford Street from 9 o'clock in the morning to the same time at night.That said, I still managed to purchase some bits for myself, amongst Christmas presents. Kiko had a 30% black Friday discount code, so of course I made sure to take advantage and pick some lip bits up.

For less than £15 (the lipsticks were on offer at £2.50 and the lip liners on offer at £1.90, plus 30% off), I picked up 5 lippies (two not pictured as they were Lauren's presents), and two lip liners.

It was absolutely manic in the store, with crowds of people huddled around the gorgeous stand of lippies. Therefore, I had to grab my choices quickly. I thought I picked up two nice plums and a nude, although it looks like I came away with a bright orange and a red (907/908). Not my first choices, but still staple colours I needed anyway. I also got a nude, that actually SUITS ME. Yes, you read that correctly. A nude. That compliments my skin tone. Whaaaattt. It's a little deeper than your average nude, but it almost borders on the peachy variation of the Kylie Jenner lip. My cup of tea completely (901).

The lipliners were quick picks, and I knew I needed another KJ-esque shade to duplicate her look.  I picked up shade 700 Light Sienna, a peachy nude liner that works well with the nude lipstick. I've been using this on a daily basis, to slightly enlarge my lips and add a little bit of colour. The other is 710 Rouge Noir, a deep plummy purple shade that I purchased to coordinate with my favourite Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107. They were so cheap I couldn't resist.

Do you have any Kiko favourites?

Megan x

Saturday, 13 December 2014


 What I find with accessories, is that they tend to be very seasonal most of the time - especially when it comes to coloured pieces. I don't know what it is about H&M, but they're so on point at the moment. Rather recently, I've collected some really versatile pieces I can see I'll be wearing throughout the summer as well. I think one of the advantages of wearing shades of black, white and grey, is that they go with everything, especially silver items. The sunglasses above were £5.99, and a style I've always adored, but have never suited me. I remember spotting these in my local once, and leaving them behind as I was saving; and they vanished since. So as I spotted a single pair on the racks, I snatched them up quickly. Ray Ban Wayfarers have been on my list for such a long time, so to find a mildly reminiscent pair for a fraction of the price, floated my boat immensely.
Also, I managed to score some real bargains in the sale section. The rings featured above are different designs from two packs, at £2 each for around 10 in each. They're silver, but so dented they appear sparkly, and for such a nail fanatic like me, they make any manicure. The thin midi and normal variations are also beautiful, being so dainty and suitable for everyday.
Lastly, the necklace is a piece of knotted silver on a little chain. This was £1, and again, a little piece perfect for layering, and for simple accessorising. Perfection.

What are your new jewellery staples?

Megan x

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Being a 6ft tall teenager, heels are often on the end of my priorities list. I tend to reach for flats everyday, although with the annual party season occurring again, I felt like I needed some basic black shoes to combine with my crimbo ensembles.

In H&M, I found this beautifully chic pair of reasonably sized heels. They're the style I absolutely adore; minimalistic and basic. For so long I searched for these, having spotted them on the shelves of my local store months back. Come last week, I was on a frantic scavenger hunt to locate them once more, which included a trawl of 4 London stores -  all of which DID NOT HAVE THEM. I finally did find them again where I first spotted them, so you can imagine the wide grin on my face as I took them to the tills to part with a mere £14.99.

The reason I adore this pair so much is that the height is reasonable. It's just over a 3 inch heel I think, which means they are relatively easy to walk in (although practice was compulsory for me) and don't make me a complete giant, (although I really do love embracing my tallness and I don't think height should stop anybody wearing what they want). I cannot wait to pair these with my new Monki dress (post coming soon), or nude slacks and a white v neck. I've got a few birthday meals with friends coming up, so hopefully these will be getting some good wear.

What are your shoe staples?

Megan x

Sunday, 7 December 2014


And Other Stories is a brand I've cyber stalked for a long time, although it wasn't until last weekend I got to try out a few things. I'm sure it's associated with H&M, so I knew I'd adore it all in there, and I did. It was such a shame the only time I was in the Regent Street store, I was saving for other things! Anyway, I purchased three little beauty bits as a taster, and so far I'm loving them all.

The first thing I saw was the Plissé Lip Balm. I went through a whole lip balm obsession/phase, and now I'm finding the ones I loved just aren't floating my boat, and are getting a bit ancient. At £5, I decided to buy this as an everyday lip treatment. Winter has well and truly arrived, and although there's perks for this chilly season; flaky lips aren't one of them. Therefore, I am enjoying this as a cure for the dreaded chapped pout.

The Shinjuku Bloom Hand Soap was a product I marched straight to the tills with, as it smelt delicious. It's floral, sweet, girly... and smells like washing detergent -  I LOVE IT (that does sound strange I know). This was only £4, and I'm absolutely loving having it around in the bathroom - who doesn't want amazing smelling hands?

Lastly, a nail polish. I feel like their range is so coveted, it would be rude of me not to acknowledge the colours. I picked up Orchid Mauve (£5) in a mad dash to the tills without much thought, although I'm still so in love with the colour. So much so, in fact it is now donning my fingernails and toes. It's a cool pink creme - the perfect winter pastel.

After my small trial of & Other Stories products, I'm really impressed with the brand. I hope to give the clothing range a go soon as well - if my purse permits.

Have you tried anything from & Other Stories?

Megan x

Sunday, 30 November 2014


As the last one of these posts went down so well, I thought I'd share another manicure with you all today. My nails are considerable shorter now, and I've even started biting them *bows head in shame*, so here's some photos of when they looked rather presentable.

I used a nude base of OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh, a rather grey based nude that is opaque in two solid coats. On top, I painted the same amount of a Nails Inc glitter in Lancelot Place, a Tkmaxx find I'm obsessed with. It presents black, silver and gold glitters in various shapes, housed in a clear base.

I love how this little bit of layering turned out, although I must remember now to stop nibbling on my nubbins - I want nice nails for Christmas!

Megan x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Whilst having a rummage in my daily makeup bag, I realised I had actually accumulated a small collection of Smashbox products, each one blimmin' brilliant. I thought I'd give a little run down on the five products I keep with me daily, being as they all never fail to impress me.

The most used out of my small set is the Photo Finish Foundation Primer for sure. I had a bit of a hatred towards this product as I first started to use it, because I thought it broke me out and instantly that put me off, as you'd expect. However, as I gave it a second chance a few months back, I haven't gone a day with popping some on before I start the whole makeup rigmarole. It does a brilliant job at smoothing the skin, leaving it silky soft to touch and ready for foundation or concealer.

Secondly, I have two eye prep products to share. The first is the Photo Finish Lid Primer, a fairly basic primer that certainly does the job, and I favour to use this daily as well, to blank out the lids so to speak, and create a clean canvas for any eye product to go on top. I also have the Photo Op Under Eye Illuminator, a strange product but nonetheless incredible. It is intended to use to give glow under the eyes, which If you struggle with massive dark circles like me, you'll find very beneficial. I must admit, I don't use this daily as I kind of forget, but when I remember I do notice a considerable difference in that area.

The last two products are ones of colour, a matte lipstick in Latte and a 15 Hour Wear Limitless Cream Eyeshadow in Gemstone. Both of these I picked up in a CCO (along with the two other eye products actually, CCOs are the place to go for Smashbox seriously), and each one I didn't think I'd love but I do. The Lipstick is a matte peachy nude, that surprisingly suits my skin tone and also fits into the KJ lip category. The eyeshadow on the other hand, is a pinky/taupe/bronze mix of everything. It also has some shimmer that is neither silver nor gold, but somewhere inbetween. I wore this yesterday actually and I fall in love again every time it touches my eyelids.

And... that concludes my Smashbox rundown. I'm sure my trip to London at the weekend may see my miniature collection expand further; watch this space.

Megan x

Sunday, 23 November 2014


If I'm honest, I tend to swerve Primark nowadays. From time to time I find some brilliant bargains, but I don't binge in there like I used to. Sporadically I decided to have a quick browse last weekend, and came across these monk shoes. I've seen similar in Topshop for around £30, and also Next I think, but these were only £12! They also had them in oxblood, which I was desperate to get instead of black but there was only a size 5 and 7 left *cries*. Anyway, I've found them very comfortable and I've even been wearing them to school everyday, where I've had a tonne of compliments on them. I don't think my mum's a fan, but I literally adore them.

What have you picked up from Primark recently?

Megan x

Sunday, 16 November 2014


I'm in a rambly mood today, and as I've had my careers meeting with the lovely advisor recently at school, I thought I'd talk about the future, so I've found a tag on YouTube and I'm just going to type my answers. I suppose looking back on this in a few years could be interesting, so enjoy this little bonus post!

1. What did you want to be when you were little?
I anted to be the typical popstar/dancer. I hate peforming arts now (if it's something you're into please don't be offended, it's just not for me), although I do think I went through a stage of wanting to be a model. Didn't we all?!

2. What do you want to be now?
Full-time blogger is the obvious I think, but of course that doesn't work out for everyone. I absolutely adore business though, so I think combining fashion/beauty and business is what I was meant to do. Either a buyer or a role in marketing I think is where I'm heading, and if possible I want Spanish to be incorporated.

3. Where do you want to live when you are older?
LONDON. It sounds so obvious, but the busy lifestyle that keeps my challenged sounds just for me. I love the sites, the shops and generally the opportunities that appear to be there.

4. What is your dream school/college?
I don't think I have a dream university to go to really. I know for A Levels I am definitely going to stay at my current school as I cannot imagine a better place, but for after that I don't know. I could stay local or go further afield, but I think primarily the aim is to attend one of the top ten, or the dream... Cambridge.

5.Where do you see yourself in five years?
I hate to plan ahead like this, as I think it would disappoint me if I don't end up where I want to be. I'm all for setting goals though, just giving myself a little bit of leeway in the process. Although saying that, I should think I'd be still in education.

6. If you could pick your future room mate, who would it be and why?
Probably one of my friends now (shoutout to Lauren, Jenna, Dannii and Anna). It's so unlikely we'd remain together as a close knit group in the future but if I could pick, definitely one of them. Or failing that, a friendly fashion blogger I could convince to borrow their clothes.

7. How many kids would you like to have?
The honest answer to this is I don't know. I haven't got a clue whether I want 2 or 3, or none at all.

8. Who is your dream husband?
Oooo... I think I'd say Kanye West because of how much of a gentleman he treats Kim (think of all the Yeezus merch as well -  I joke). I don't really have anyone in mind as a 'dream' husband, just someone who I get one with who makes me laugh. Simples.

9. How do you define success?
I think if you're happy, you are successful. Although I try not to be so materialistic and money orientated, I think financial stability for me would be a sign of success too, as well as being in a career I love and can excel in.

Feel free to tell me about where you see your future going in the comments!

Megan x

Sunday, 9 November 2014


For me, blush has always been a favourite step in my daily routine. Sure, I miss it out sometimes in favour of a more bronzed appearance, but whenever I sweep some on those apples of mine it just works a whole load of wonders on my complexion, providing colour and glow. Although matte blushes are also incredibly gorgeous, I've always had a soft spot for the more luminous kind. Today I have an edit of my three favourites to share with you, in the aim of providing choices to give that healthy shimmer.
The cheapest of the bunch is a shade called 'Tease' by Makeup Revolution, at £1. Admittedly, the packaging is dire but the actual product isn't too bad. It is the most pigmented blush out of the three, that I would describe as a bright coral with subtle golden shimmer. Light handedness is key when applying this, but you really can achieve a pretty cheek sheen at such a bargain pirce.
Secondly in the swatch, is Mac Autoerotique. I realise now that this may be discontinued as I purchased it from a CCO, but if you can get your mittens on this blush I would definitely recommend you purchase it. It is more of a dusty dark pink, with a sheen that is neither silver nor gold. On the cheeks, this has to be my personal favourite. Sometimes I find products that I think were made for my skin tone, and this is one of them.
Finally, the much coveted Milani Luminoso. What a pretty specimen this compact of glow is *heart eye emoji here*. Although it is rather hard to find here in the UK, as Milani is a stateside brand (shoutout to Lauren for bringing it back for me from Florida), I'm sure you can find places to pick it up online - hopefully. This is by the far the most shimmery out of all three, and is practically a highlight with a slight peach undertone, instead of a blush. Either way, this can turn a dull complexion into a face that looks the like the sun is shining out of it. Really, it is beautiful *another heart eye emoji here*.
That completes my three picks for a luminous cheek. Any you can recommend?
Megan x

Thursday, 6 November 2014


For the fashion post this Sunday, I've decided to show you all my new favourite pair of shoes. Slip ons have been circulating for a long time now, but this is the only pair I've ever owned and so far I'm loving them. They were a mere £20 from River Island, and fit perfectly. At first they did tear up the backs of my ankles and give my some nasty blisters, but now they are so comfortable and cause no problems. They look amazing with literally everything, from jeans to skirts and are waterproof as well - always helpful for the horrible English weather.

I've also picked up a pair from Primark in a thicker, leopard print, so you can probably expect to see a post on those beauties too.

Have you been bitten by the slip on bug?

Megan x

Monday, 3 November 2014


(aaaand an awful IPhone pic of course)
As I'm sure many YouTube fans would know, this past Sunday was Louise's first #LouiseLive show of hopefully more to come in the UK. The minute I heard this was happening in Northampton (fairly local to myself and my friends), I knew I had to get tickets. I went with my best friends Lauren, Anna and Anna's sister, Rachel. From about 1.30pm we queued outside in the hope of a decent seat inside, which we did obtain, although it's not really necessary to come early as Louise said - you could have turned up bang on 3.00pm and still got a seat. Standing in the line wasn't at all boring though, as from our spot we could see some of Louise's close friends and family sitting in the chair area, including Darcy, her dad and grandma, Claire and Dom with his daughter too. If I'm honest, meet and greets with hour long lines for three seconds of small talk has never really interested me, which has completely put me off meeting YouTubers in the past. I have so much preferred paying the reasonable £25 for two hours of casual Louise show time, and I enjoyed every moment.

The show was split into two hour long halfs, the first of which entailed a Q&A from audience members, and a little sing song from Darcy to Let It Go. Even though she was a little bit shy, it was adorable nonetheless and you could just see she was loving time on stage with her mummy. Throughout the majority of the time Darcy was sitting at the back of the room on an upper level with Matt, and could be heard welcoming question askers (that's now a word if it wasn't before) as she echoed a few names. It really was heart warming. Many of Louise's family members were present and it really did feel like a little friendly gathering, as opposed to ridiculously long queues of screaming viewers other conventions can provoke. Being a small event at the Guild Hall with 220 tickets sold, I feel so lucky to have been present at Louise's pilot, a she described it. It was just such a relaxed, humbling experience.

During the second half, there was a Louise Quiz where 8 viewers could participate, more Q&A, a few embarrassing tales and eventually, a selfie with the lady herself. I never expected to get a picture with her at all, so that was quite literally the cherry on top of the already iced and sprinkled cake. Another thing to mention is the goody bags, that were full of generous touches emblazoned with 'aloha sprinklerinos' or 'sprinkle of glitter', including a pen (that has already made its debut in my maths lesson this morning), a badge, a signed picture, a pot of glitter and more. Oooh I almost forgot - there was even Sprinkle Of Glitter water. You can bet I'll be using that bottle until the label falls off for lunch everyday.

If you ever get the chance to attend a live show from Louise, I'd seriously recommend going. It was the most intimate (as Louise said, not that kind of intimate haha) affair that I didn't want to end. Louise, if you ever read this post - congratulations, you were bloody amazing.

Megan x

Sunday, 2 November 2014


After biting my nails for a good few months, only recently have I managed to grow them to a reasonable square length. I've always considered acrylics, but if I'm honest, I don't have the money nor the patience to bare with them as they grow out. However, sometimes I really do fall in love with my natural nails, and right now I am head over heels.
I absolutely adore the autumn nail colours that surface around this time of year, although I must say the typical burgundy can get a little bit repetitive. I purchased last years A/W collection of minis from Nails Inc, and included in the box of six was this stunning deep green/black called Bruton Mews. It looked really elegant and seasonal which I adore, and so far longevity is really good, as I haven't had a chip for a good few days now. My only complaint is that I left it slightly open so it thickened massively, but I soldiered through and the end result of a beautiful nail set has me obsessed. I've noticed Collection 2000 have a similar shade for £3.19, so that's certainly on my list for the next Superdrug trip.
What do you think?
Megan x

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Following last week's Lush haul, here I am with a Snow Fairy review - the epitome of Christmas. I absolutely love the gloriously girly pink stuff, and could quite possible live on it if I had a choice. If any of you have never heard of Snow Fairy before, firstly, where on Earth have you been and secondly, GET YOURSELF SOME NOW. Snow Fairy is like a gaudy pink candy party in a shower gel bottle, that smells delicious and lingers for ages after you've taken a shower. It's expensive yes, but for Lush I surprisingly pay that price without a complaint.
A rather brief review I admit, but I will seriously recommend this to anyone and everyone. My only complaint? Why is it not a permanent addition to the Lush shower gel line, because I need my holy grail fix of sugary goodness.
Megan x

Sunday, 26 October 2014


For this week's fashion post I have an OOTD from Centre Parcs at the weekend. I absolutely
love how the pictures turned out (ty Jenna), and the outfit is one of my go-to throw on ensembles because it is cosy and relaxed at the same time.

Jumper: H&M
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Topshop
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Vans

Please let me know if you enjoy outfit posts, I can definitely get some more up if you all like them.

Megan x

Monday, 20 October 2014


Like many other bloggers, I'm pretty sure my Lush cravings begin to form as the Christmas stock fills the shelves. It seems I ignore the brand every other time of the year, but when December falls, you cannot deny their bath product game is incredibly strong. On a recent trip to my closest store, I happened to leave with a reasonable handful of Christmas stock, so here's another cliché blogger Lush show and tell.

The necessity to any shower gel shindig has to be Snow Fairy. The bubble gum, pink cult product that I adore. It smells bloomin' incredible, and the scent lingers for so long after use. My only qualm this year is the price, which I'm pretty sure has increased by 25p, as have most of the products - although don't quote me; I could very well be wrong.

The only Halloween item I purchased was the Wizard bubble bar. Normally I'd go straight for Candy Mountain, but this smelt equally as good and I'm all for trying new things. This cutie was £3.25.

Now for the rest of the festive purchases.. mmmm. For the first ever time I picked up a Golden Wonder bath ballistic (£3.75), having always wanted to give it a try. This year although it doesn't jingle, I'm still buzzing to pop it in a warm tub. Of course, you'll get the verdict very soon. Also on the Christmas front, I decided to try a new addition to the regular festive line up - the Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar (£3.25). He's a very cute little one, who I'm hoping will be moistursing and nourishing in the bath, as he was melting in my hands just holding him. The penultimate product is the Luxury Lush Pud. I've already used this, and oh my was it pretty. You can look forward to a review in the near future, so I don't want to spoil that post for when it comes by saying too much. This one I think was £3.50.

Lastly, is another shower product in the form of the Snowman shower jelly. In previous years I've never seen this, so I'm assuming it's a new addition to the Christmas line up. Shower jellies have always been a bit difficult to use in my eyes, but I still want to give this one a go as it smells delicious and is in a snowman shape when you remove him from the pot. According to the Lush website, this one is £3.50.

What have you purchased from Lush recently? Any recommendations?

Megan x