Sunday, 1 December 2013


From November onwards, all I think about is Christmas. I've purchased the bulk of my gifts early, so I thought I'd share how I have wrapped them.

I got a bit creative, after being inspired by Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter, and decided to decorate each present with gingham ribbon (£1 for 5 metres from Asda) and a cute red and white tag (10 in a pack from Asda, £1). With a cuppa in hand, I entertained myself for a few hours, cutting and sticking, tying and folding. Imagine if I had popped some Kardashians on at the same time... that would have been heaven. Next time it snows, that will be my plan!

Megan x


  1. I love wrapping presents, is that sad? It's the best bit of Christmas lol! The brown paper and gingham ribbon look beautiful together, what a great idea x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I normally get my mum to wrap presents for me as I'm terrible at it, but I might try harder this year and wrap them myself. Love the little tags!

    Kathryn x

  3. Everyone seems to hate wrapping presents but I love it, it makes me feel so Christmassy!

  4. wrapping Christmas presents is one of my favourite things to do, it totally adds to the whole excitement and build-up of the season! your presents look so cute, love the wrapping! thanks for sharing your link with me in the #bbloggers chat today, lovely blog & followed! would love if you'd stop by my blog love!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. Haha I love wrapping presents! Can't wait to start wrapping mine all up! x

  6. These look absolutely gorgeous a lot more cuter than mine haha! Xxx


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