Sunday, 3 November 2013

Trialling Toni & Guy

To me, Toni & Guy has always been more of a luxury brand in the aisles of Boots. With most products around the £7 mark, I wasn't going to go on a big spend-up without a deal on, which in this case was 3 for £12. After all, hair care is not my forte. In fact, as similar with makeup a few years ago, it's all a little daunting to me.I've never died my hair, hardly ever blow dry it, or actually use any form of heat, unless it's a once in a month decision to go out with waves. Therefore, the products I chose were rather catered to what I actually do to my 'barnet'.

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask - Hair masks have intrigued me for the last few months now, and because it came in a tub, I found it made me even more curious. I've discovered in order to get silky soft ends, you just slap a bit on the mid-lengths to tips, avoiding the roots, on damp, clean hair. Wash it off after a few minutes and that's it! I'm not lying when I say my hair has never been softer. Seriously, this is a wonder product.

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo - Yes, yes, we've all been there with Batiste. It's alright... decent smelling, does the job, but I can never get over that white powdery residue it leaves behind, everywhere. Therefore, I had lost faith in products which claim to refresh in between washes, and banish those nasty roots the day after. I can thankfully say this is perfect. Totally colourless, no white residue and no stickiness/overly dry-ness. The packaging is also more up my alley, being a slight monotone theme. I will HAVE to repurchase this. I'm so glad that I realised there's more than just Batiste sold in Boots and Superdrug!

Toni & Guy Shine Serum - Truthfully, I was a little stick as to which third product would make my 3 for £12 basket. I so wish there was an oil, but instead I settled for a shine serum. My hair can be frizzy at times, and although this does a good job at smoothing the ends, other than that, it's nothing special. I think I should have gotten another dry shampoo instead!

Although the 3 for £12 deal is no longer available, 3 for 2 is on instead so there's no excuse. Go and try yourself a few bits and bobs, you probably won't be disappointed - I know I wasn't!


  1. I really need to try that dry shampoo! Im terrible with keeping the white out my hair while using batiste.

    Sophie xx

  2. Oo wow I might have to try the reconstruction hair mask! Looks and sounds pretty good!


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