Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Max Factor Clump Defy w/ Before & After

Mascaras. I hoard them. Never have I finished one either... and yes, I know, you're supposed to throw them away after 3 months, which, I do not do *slaps wrist*. When I started testing the Max Factor Clump Defy Waterproof Mascara, I was seriously impressed. Perhaps this will be the first tube of long lash loveliness I'll finish?

You can see a dramatic difference in the above before/after images, but even that does not do it justice. My lashes are normal I suppose, medium length, medium thickness... nothing special... sigh. I always curl my eyelashes before mascara application as that makes such a dramatic difference. I have a feeling above is one coat, but I do spend a while on each coat. I do not take my mascara application lightly.

The brush (which I so should have showed you... *slaps wrist for the second time*) is quite large, with plastic bristles and little curve. I think I prefer plastic bristles, but I'm honestly not that fussy. If it does the job, then the last thing I'm bothered about is the bristle type! With the effect that this mascara gives, I just wish it didn't smudge. However, please take that with a pinch of salt because ALL mascaras manage to smudge on me, waterproof or not. Yes, even Clinique Bottom Lash.

As always, I like to touch on the packaging. Nothing really too special, a purple semi-matte tube that's actually quite bulky but does the job completely. It survived in my suitcase to Cyprus and back, which I was surprised at because if you've seen the airport staff manoeuvre the cases, they show no mercy and literally slam them down everywhere. I suppose they have a lot to get through!

After that tangent, would I repurchase? Probably not instantly, because I adore road testing every product under the sun, but if I never find anything better, I can see myself scurrying down to Superdrug or Boots for seconds.

Megan x


  1. I'm so bad with trying out new mascaras...I just can't seem to give up my Clinique lash doubling ;)

    xx -b.

  2. I've got so many mascaras on the go I've lost count! I'm a new follower, lovely blog! Great Deborah Lippmann bargains in your previous post, I also got 3 for £8 the other say too, such a steal! I've just reviewed mine :)


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