Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray

If I was to do a 'Products I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With' post, the first item on there would be a salt spray. My hair is really thin, and unable to become messy. You're probably thinking that's a good thing, but all it wants to do is be poker straight. Curls don't hold, and dishevelled buns are always too perfect, and the odd bits that stick out look ridiculous. Hair woes aside, I want something which makes my barnet look wavy, natural and beach ready. After trying (and miserable failing) with 101 other products which claim to do the same job, my love has been discovered in the Sea Salt Spray by Fudge.

Buying this was actually a total accident. My 11 year old brother wanted a hair gel, and didn't read the writing so he picked this up. I'm not complaining though!

For starters, the orange packaging. Perhaps too bright for some, however in my case should I need to find it, it's very visible amongst other hair care bottles. The spray nozzle is also quite unique, and it did have a lid which has already been lost. I swear they run away from me all the time...

 Before bed, as my hair was on the verge of drying, I spritzed some evenly from mid lengths to ends and rubbed it all in, in a very messy way. After about 8 hours sleep, I awoke to a change from my normal do, something more textured which is exactly what I would like a salt spray to do for me.
For £6.99, this is definitely something I'd buy again.
Megan x


  1. You have such lovely hair!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous Hun!

  3. Lovely post hun!
    your hair is absolutely gorgeous!
    this salt spray looks like a really interesting product!

    Laura xox


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