Friday, 19 July 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to get a blog sale up and running for Monday, which is why posts have been slow because I've been busy sorting.
Today I'm here to talk about the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I purchased this on my birthday and as you will all know, it is priced at £20 which is reasonable for the little sister of the other Naked palettes.
Inside, there are 6 shades, all of which are matte apart from one which is a shimmer highlight colour. I've been thoroughly enjoying using it in my daily makeup routine, therefore I think it's time to share!
The packaging is a bronze/gold shade, but it has a suede effect which makes it feel very luxurious. The writing is in a brown, raised lettering and overall, it is truly beautiful and definitely looks the price.
I did expect it to be bigger when I got it, but for reference, it is smaller than Sleek Face Form if you have that, and it fits snuggly in the palm of my hand.
I'm not an eyebrow person, being as I was lucky enough to be blessed with ones that are very dark and thick, and to put it straight, if I fill them in I look like an angry bird. However, I think you could use a couple of the colours in this palette for eyebrows if you're off somewhere and don't want to take much with you, because this is so slim and compact it will fit in the side of your makeup big effortlessly.
Below are some swatches, in the order they are seen in the palette. We have...
Venus, Foxy, W.O.S (Walk of Shame), Naked 2, Faint and Crave.
You can't really see W.O.S, as it is very similar to my skin tone, perhaps a little more pink. I adore this on lazy days to just blank out my lid and brighten it up. I also love Naked 2, which I didn't expect, but it is the perfect shade to contour the eye socket. It appears so light, as if it wouldn't do much at all, but it looks very polished when you apply it! Another thing I like to do is use Faint as an eyeliner, because it is the perfect brown to blend into the lashes to give a defined but not scary eye.
I've hardly used the black, Crave, as I'm never a black shadow/liner person.
The texture of these is beautiful, not too soft and not too chalky. They blend amazingly and the staying power is the best I've ever seen, well over 12 hours for me but I'm not a sufferer of oily lids.
If you're off on a shopping spree and there's an UD counter nearby, believe me, and just give them a swatch! You won't be disappointed :)
Thank you for reading, I do appreciate it!
Megan x


  1. I have the first Naked pallet and I love it so much, had my eye on this one for a while, definitely need to pick it up next time I have a bit of extra money! x

    1. I'm jealous haha! I really want the first Naked palette too but I'll have to stick with my MUA on for now :-)
      Let me know if you get this palette, and what you think!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Megan x

  2. Replies
    1. Treat yourself Jayne :)

      Megan x

  3. I bought this and then returned it... I don't know what it was... I just wasn't in to it.

    I am, however, super in to your pictures! They look great :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Oh dear, that's a shame! I must admit it took me a while to love it as I wasn't used to matte shadows!

      Thank you so much Sarah, your comment made my day! :)

      Megan x


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