Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Biggest Haul I've EVER Done! w/ Next Sale, Primark, Blog Sale and MORE!

*This has been re posted because I was just reading through and found some pictures are missing! Have another read if you'd like to actually see the Next items haha :) *

Hello! Do you remember me? I hope so, it's been over a week and I've been wanting to write this post since my last, but homework has gone into overdrive as it's nearing the end of the academic year.

For about 2 and a half weeks I've kept these items to show you, so let's get into it!

Firstly, I had a trip to Tescos. I visited one with a 'beauty hall' so I was in my element and restrained myself to 3 things.

I purchased this So Eco brush, which is for powder. The writing on the back had me sold, as it is all sustainable and natural. This was £6.50 I believe, on sale from £8.50 which isn't t a major difference but  the quality is amazing, and the bristles are very soft. I don't own a brush for powder o that was my sad justification or this buy!

Then I spotted a Balmi lip balm, this one being raspberry. I know these are usually £4.99 which to me is on the expensive side if the drugstore. This was £2.99 so £2 off, which I could part with. I adore this but I mushed it up badly in the summer heat because it melted!

Lastly Tesco wise, is blotting sheets from Kleenex.
Yes, I did just get a powder brush but I much prefer blotting and these were all price at 74p! I got two because one was for my friend who said she wanted some but couldn't find any (hope you like them Dannii)!

Then in Asda I purchase the L'Oreal Purifying Micellar Water for £3 I believe (or £2.50...). I thought I'd buy it as the reviews were good, and I do like it, but it doesn't remove waterproof mascara!

I also picked up the cheapest eye makeup remover I could find. This was £1.50, and it is awful. It doesn't remove waterproof mascara at all like it claims to. I suppose it teaches me to stick to Nivea!

Then there's Primark. I've not been in there for a long time so I only just picked a couple of bits up, one being a pair of  dotty black runner shorts these were £4 and I'm loving them! If I find another pair, I'll get them to sleep in because these things are great! I also got some socks which I did want in pink but for £1.50, I settled with navy which I'll be keeping for colder winter days.

Then, The Sunday Girl had a blog sale! I got so excited and purchased 4 things. I've read her blog for about a year now so I knew I could trust her and the sale was incredible!

The first thing that caught my eye was a China Glaze nail polish in 'It's a Trapeze'. The base is white with many colours and sizes of glitter, something so unique that I had to have it, and for an absolute steal at £2.50!
Then I saw she had OPI Alpine Snow for sale. This was £3! Normally OPI polishes are £10+, so I was so pleased! I don't have a trusty white either, but this one has been given the thumbs up from so many people I had to try it.
There were so many Essies there too, £2.50 each. I wanted Fiji but I didn't put it on my list, just because I knew it would already be gone. Instead, I got Leading Lady, a beautiful classy red with red glitter.
Lastly blog sale wise, a Revlon Baby Stick. This was £1 and although reviews were bad, I thought that I'd try it. I can't remember the shade, but as you can see it's the red one. It has hardly any pigmented and generally isn't good what I expected. I just had to be curious and try it though!
 Yesterday my nan and I had a nice day in the town centre, and whilst we were waiting for my mum to pick us up we had a look in Poundland. I spotted a Milani bronzer/blusher item, which looked rather good! The bronzer looked the perfect colour in the pan but swatched it's quite orange. Ah well, I like the blush part though!
Next up, a Revlon nail polish. Bit of a fun fact for you, I have around 10 Revlon polishes and I've only ever paid full price for one, the rest are pound store bargains! This one is 'Popular' which I think is also known as 'Starry Pink' and I thought this was an only US item, so I snapped it up quickly! I think if I have a blog sale this would go on it though, because thinking about it now I wouldn't actually wear it haha! Please let me know if you'd be interested in a blog sale!
I spotted a Dainty Doll 'Frankie Girl' eyeshadow base too, for £1! (It is a pound store!) I have two eye primers already but I could not leave it there!
 Now for more Primark. These things were purchased a week later than the first lot I showed you.
As you can see, I got a pretty floral print pink and red dress for £13. It's a lovely material unlike some other dresses from Primark, and it looks very sweet with my white Next sandals! (Please leave me a comment and let me know what you'd think about a shoe collection post? I've reorganised and cleaned up so I'm happy with the ones I own now!)
I've got these sunnies already, but in brown and I got so excited that they suited me so I got black pair instead. These were £2.50.
Lastly, the Next SALE! I was brought up a Next child, my mum wouldn't dress me anything other than it! I still love Next now I'm in the ladies section, and I got a top and two makeup bags for a total of £10.

The top is a white, loose tee with burnout sections in a pretty swirly print. This was £6.

The first of two makeup bags was a green and yellow printed teeny one. This was £2 from £4.50 and I thought it would be great to take to school.

The LAST item from this huge post, is a blue and black snake print makeup bag for again, £2. I thought this would be great for brushes as it is quite long.
Well, that was a LONG post!
I hope you enjoyed it, please please please let me know what you thought, what you liked or what would be nice to see in the future! I'm looking forward to the holidays, it means more time to blog!
If you've made it to the end of this post, I salute you!
Thanks so much for reading,
Megan x


  1. Oh, wow you got some amazing things. I love those black shorts!

    Maxine, xx

    1. Thanks Maxine! I'm enjoying wearing them :-)

      Megan x

  2. The polishes look beautiful! Great haul! :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Thank you, I've got the Essie one on my toes and it's lovely!

      Megan x

  3. Lovely items, you are very lucky! Loving the O.P.I nail polishes! If you have a moment please could you check out my latest post about the giveaway I will be doing soon, I'd love to hear from my followers:)
    Thank you! Great post:)

    Charlotte xxx

    1. Thank you Charlotte, of course!

      Megan x


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