Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Best of The Budget Brushes

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For today's post, I wanted to share my favourite makeup brushes, and you'll  be glad to hear that after a few calculations, they're all under £10!

I find these 5 brushes to be perfect, and pretty much everything I need for my whole face. I know you're going to recommend to me the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and I do really want that but it'll have to wait until I have the money to spare sadly! I've also got my eye on the Expert Face Brush... perhaps that'll be mine tomorrow, who knows?

From the left to the right, above, there's the No.7 Blend and Contour brush, the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush and the So Eco Powder Brush.

Firstly, we have the No.7 Blend and Contour Brush. I was lucky enough to find this brush in the Boots clearance section for £2, and there was loads so thinking back now, I should have gotten a few as this is wonderful! It's £7.25 on the Boots website, and it looks the exact same so I think the reason for such a cheap find was because of a redesign. I adore this to use with the next brush you'll see, as I like to apply crease colour with the below brush and blend with this one. It is quite floppy, however there are no shedding issues here and I've found that it has truly filled the hole of my constant desire for a Mac 217!
Above you can see a close up of the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. This is only available in the Starter Set, however in that bundle you get 5 brushes for £21.99, working out at around £4.40 each! I know that's cheating, but I couldn't not include it! This is a very multipurpose brush which can be used for a variety of jobs, from blending concealer to apply eyeshadow.
Next, is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This was my first proper brush purchase along with the next one you'll see, and it was a wise choice on my behalf! I can use this for foundation, which I do if I'm feeling in a more relaxed, take your time kind of mood, or I can use it to ensure concealer is blended, apply cream blush and bronzer (probably my favourite!) or to press powder into foundation for a longer lasting effect. You can find this in both Boots (£11.99) and Superdrug (£10.99). If I'm planning on buying a few of the single brushes from Samantha Chapman's range, I'll usually wait for a 3 for 2 deal as that is by far the most bargainous way to go about it!
The penultimate one, is another Real Techniques offering. (I just could not restrain myself from including them. I mean, it wouldn't be the same without them haha!) This is the blush brush which retails in Boots (£9.99) and also Superdrug for the same price. I use this for an all manner of powder products, and I adore how the end is slightly tapered so I can swoosh lightly (professional lingo there - not) under my cheekbones to contour. I think this is my favourite brush out of the whole lot!

Lastly is a bit of a wild card you may think, as it was a brand neither me nor most likely you knew about! I just kind of stumbled across it and thought 'hmm... well I'll give that a go...!'
I discovered this in Tesco's for £6.50, on sale from £8.50. I've found a link to it on Amazon as I couldn't see it on the Tesco website at first glance. As every single brush featured in this post is, the powder brush is very soft and doesn't shed what so ever when I wash it with baby shampoo or olive oil. As the name suggests, I do indeed use this for powdering which it does a good job at and I would be lying if I said I didn't marvel at its softness every time it touches my skin!
Edit: I've also found the So Eco brush on Fragrance Direct for cheaper!
That's the end of the post, please recommend me some brushes in the comments or let me know if you own any of the same ones and we could be brush twins!
Thank you so much for reading today, come back soon!
Megan x


  1. I love the RT Blush Brush! I use it for bronzer :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  2. The eco tool powder brush is one of my favourite brushes! I'm keen to try more from that brand.

    1. I want to try the travel mini set and the sponge tip thing as well!

      Megan x

  3. I adore rel techniques bushes and can't wait to get my hands on some more. Great post Megan.

    Millie x

  4. Me too, thanks Millie!

    Megan x


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