Saturday, 15 June 2013

Haul: Rose Gold, Sales and Coconut Oil... (Primark, Superdrug, Dorothy Perkins)

Hello! I am so sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. I have wanted to, but something has always come up meaning I haven't got enough time to pos which is so frustrating! I hope I'll b able to post twice a week now, as a minimum because I don't want to force out posts that are incredibly boring and you can tell I haven't put any passion into them, but I also want to ensure I keep my posts regular and I carry on blogging. I've been determined I have made this blog for good!

As always, I went shopping which I didn't feel too guilty about as I had some birthday money left and I thought I would live dangerously. Wow. I'm a rebel...

I'll begin with where I went first, Dorothy Perkins. My mum was actually looking in there because usually for clothes, I don't look in this shop. But as my mum tried on a few dresses it meant I could look at the jewellery and I'm so glad that I did! Many items I had wanted for a long time but couldn't justify were better than half price so I took full advantage and spent around £14.00 in there. I worked out the total lot would have been around £36.50, so not bad eh?

This first item is a beautiful dainty bracelet which is a rose gold colour. The heart is tiny and made of little twists and it looks so pretty as a subtle addition to my wrist. I have been wearing this to school too and I literally can't stop looking at it! Best of all, this was meant to be £5 which I was actually prepared to pay last time I took a visit, but it was marked down to £2 and then scanned at £1 at the till! Yay!

Yet another rose gold item, this spike bracelet. Topshop do very similar and once again, I was going to get this before hand but at £7.50 I thought it was a bit too steep. I couldn't believe my eyes and I jumped for joy when it was £3!

Then the best saving, this necklace (which had some earrings too that were black triangles like you see in the necklace) was £3. It was priced at £8.50 before which I would never had paid and we all know about the whole monochrome majig. I thought that it would look nice under the shirts I own!

I spotted these and purchased them for my mum, but I've taken a fancy to them also. They were £2 from £4 and they're a gold triangle with white, grey, gold and mushroom coloured triangles inside.

Then second from last from Dorothy Perkins, was this 6 set of stud earrings for only £3. This was supposed to be £6.50 and features neon yellow, orange/red, lilac, silver, rose gold and nude coloured studs. I just thought they were a simple statement and I loose earrings everyday. Can never get enough of them!

Lastly for the jewellery, a neone pink chain bracelet which was £2 down from £5. Again, I absolutely adore this as it is so dainty but still has the bright colour.

Then I took a trip to Superdrug and honestly, brought a load of rubbish that I know I didn't need.

Surgical spirit. I've read it is the same as Isopropyl Alcohol and I've got a few broken eyeshadows which apparently this will fix. I tried it, and my whole room smelt like a hospital but that's first impressions. I've also heard you can use it to sanitize makeup brushes which explains my next purchase of a spray bottle! This was £1.35.

Then there's my spray bottle which I just explained. This was less than £2, I can't remember the exact amount, sorry!

Then for a school science experiment and some other uses, coconut oil which was £2.29. I really like this so far, for an intense face moisture boost!

Next, I had had my eyes on these moisturisers from Garnier since they came out, and being as it is 'summer' I thought that it would be wise to go for one with SPF 20. It is a little greasy on first impressions, but I got this at half price for around £2.98 so I'll see how it goes!
Then, and absolute impulse buy was this Dove compressed deodorant. It's teeny tiny and this was around £1.97, but apparently it's meant to last as long as their larger size, just compressed. This one is the pomegranate and lemon verbena scent and I like it so far. Not much to say really, just a nice deodorant!
Lastly from Superdrug was a dry shampoo. The fragrance is 'Floating on a breeze' which is nice and fresh. I do like Batiste, but it is quite expensive in my opinion, and I might have to sa I like this one more, which was only 99p! It's Superdrug's own brand so next time, I'm going to try out some different scents.
 Firstly, I purchased this makeup bag/pencil case. It is a bright fuchsia/hot pink colour with gold studs and as you can see, it was £2.00. I am using this for a pencil case at school and I really love it! I'm sure they had a black one (and maybe a white one....?) too if I remember correctly!
Then some sunnies. These were £2.50, and surprise surprise they actually half suit me! They're not too round or too square, I'm not really sure how to describe them! They have a gold section at the side and they're a brown animal print rim. I love these, and they give everything a warmer tint when you look through them so I call them my happy glasses. I'm cool like that (haha).
Lastly, a midi dress! I've seen more then enough midi dresses everywhere and I love the trend, but I couldn't find one I liked enough. The one I got was £10 and it is black and white horizontally striped, with some larger stripes at the bottom.
So, that's all everyone!
Once again, I cannot apologise enough for not posting. This post was meant to go up last Sunday, but something came up, and literally every day after that time went too quickly and before I knew it I had to be in bed again.
Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed that, perhaps you'd like to tell me your favourite item featured in this post below?
Thank you for reading!
Megan x


  1. beautiful picks! I really love the rose gold necklace and I should've looked for pencil cases in primark when I needed one :O wow this one's stunning!

    I really hope this is not considered as spam haha but I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a liebster award, so if you want to check :)

    Andrea xx

    1. Thanks so much Andrea! Of course, it's not spam! :)

      Megan x

  2. Glad you're back :-)I want that black and white necklace :(

  3. New to blogging, and so happy I came accross your blog!
    I love it


  4. I love those sunnies! I have trouble finding sunglasses that suit me as well :(

    But, I hope you don't mind me saying, to wash your brushes with surgical spirit I would recommend to use it half-and-half with water :) we use surgical spirit in the salon at college and only use it straight for sterilising the tables and couches :) xx

    1. Oh no I don't mind at all, thanks so much for letting me know! I'm going to do that instead, I did think that surgical spirit on its own smelt incredibly strong!

      Thanks a lot Lauren!

      Megan x

  5. wow I love your necklace and the rose gold bracelet, I saw the one in topshop and agree it is too expensive, I might take a trip to dorothy perkins! I also LOVE the sunglasses and pencil case - might need to go to primark too! :P

  6. Love the triangle earrings and the maxi dress(: Great picks!



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