Sunday, 23 June 2013

13 Personal Questions Tag!

Hello everyone!

I was tagged a while back by Kelly (thank you Kelly!) to do this 13 personal questions tag. I don't normally tell you all much about me, so I thought this was a fun one to do!

1. What do you order from Starbucks?

Nothing. I have only ever been to Starbucks twice! When I went the second time, I did have a Gingerbread Latte which was nice though. Perhaps a little too cinnamon-ey for me, but I remember it clearly when Lauren and I got one when we went shopping for her birthday! I'm a big tea and coffee drinker though. Ooh and anther thing, I do like Costa Hot Chocolate. That's yummy!

2. What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?

Errrm... my Primark oversized speckled cardigan. It is so huge and the perfect thickness, plus it was £8 when I got it and I'm sure I don't go through a week without putting it on! However, currently it is crazy printed loose jogger type flimsy trousers which have elasticated ankle bits and they're really baggy. I have some from River Island and some from Primark, both of which I've been wearing non stop!

3. What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I cannot stand cheese. The taste, the smell, the texture, just no. I like pizza though... I swear you can't taste there's cheese on pizza! If any of you don't like cheese too, please tell me you can relate?! My mum is always so confused, as she says 'You don't like cheese but it's on pizza?' It's different I swear! ;)

4. What's one thing you want to do before you die?

Make my own money and have a loving family. And go to America again, and to a fashion show again. I literally cannot stop thinking about fashion shows after I have been to the graduate fashion week one! I would also like to travel to a less fortunate country and do some helping out, it always breaks my heart when I see celebrities do it on tv!

5. What's one food you can't live without?

I have a weaknes for red peppers, and probably pizza.

6.What's one quote you live your life by?

I don't know... perhaps one by Coco Chanel which is 'If everything is in our heads, we better not loose them!'. I like that one because it shows that you should always keep your feet on the ground I suppose. I've never thought of that actually!

7. What do you like and dislike about the blogging community?

I like that it is a place to interact with people who like the same things as you and obviously the lovely comments you leave me, and I dislike the spam emails/comments. Going back to the good, although follower number does not reflect how great your blog is, it honestly makes me smile when I log into blogger and I've got a new person interested in my blog!

8.What's your number 1 song on your iPod/iTunes?

Erm... I actually am not overly obsessed with music. I'm the type of person who just catches bits and bobs from the radio now and again!

9.  What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?

Probably a little different, fashion obsessed and perhaps simple? It's not often you'll catch me in a slogan t shirt so... I suppose that's how I'd describe it! I definitely think it's easier to get someone else to describe your style!

10. Favourite number?

I've always had something about the numbers with 8 and 2 in them. 2, 8, 28, 82... don't ask why! I know I also read somewhere about 8 because it is never ending and something like that.. I can't find the word I'm looking for haha!

11. Two hobbies?

I'm a boring person, but I'm not opposed to making myself a dress or shorts occasionally on my sewing machine! I also love taking pictures of my dogs if you count that as a hobby?!

12. Two pet peeves?

Like Kelly, when people are self obsessed and act like they own the place. Secondly, when you're happily walking down the path, and a car comes along with some crazy music BLASTING out of the speakers with EVERY SINGLE window down. Consider others, yeah?!

13. Your guilty pleasure?

The Kardashians. I am not joking when I say I have 50+ episodes on record. I literally love them. I think my favourites are Khloe and Kendall. I do love Mason too, he's adorable! I'm literally on edge to find out what Kim's baby will be called! I know there's rumours about Kaidence or North, but I'm waiting until one of the family members announce it for themselves.

So, onto who I tag! If I haven't tagged you and you'd like me to, leave a comment and
I'll add you in here!

Lauren @ TheBeauBow
Rachael @ Rachel-Vs-Life
I'm so sorry if I've forgotten anyone!
Thanks for reading, give this a go! Say I tagged you!
Megan x


  1. Thanks Megan! I'm off to Greece in like 12 hours so I'll do it next week when I'm back xoxo

    1. Oooh how lovely, have a great time Helen!

      Megan x

  2. I can't believe you don't like cheese!! I didn't think that was humanly possible?!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Haha you're not the only one who thinks that!

      Megan x

  3. This is such a cute way for readers to get to know bloggers. Going to have to tag myself haha! xo

    1. Why not, eh? I'll love to read your response! I'm going to add you to the list now :)

      Megan x


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