Monday, 13 May 2013

Superdrug: If I had £100...

Just hanging around the house this Sunday, and a post idea sprung to mind! I'm not sure if this has been done before or if it has been made into a tag, I'm not copying anyone if it is, it was just a nice wishlist idea I thought of today!

I'm a drugstore kinda gal! (I just typed that... woah.) It is very rare I buy anything high end as money is tight when you're a teen. I find countless things I'm after in Superdrug, all when I'm skint so why not store it all in a post! (I'm doing Superdrug as currently more things I'm after come from there, but maybe if you like this you could let me know if I you would like to read a Boots one?)
I've seen micellar waters everywhere, and this one in particular. It's just something I'd like to try as my Nivea products for makeup removal are getting on my nerves a little now!

I have got this. But. I. Dropped. It. It smashed. A LOT. So I would definitely replace it, it's a fab powder after all!

I have 'Blueberry' already and I own nothing like this what so ever. I love purple and being such a pale colour, I think this would look amazing against a tan! (Not that I will get one...)

I've seen these everywhere and cream blushes are probably up there in my top 3 makeup items. I thought this shade was very pretty and girl, as well as natural.
I think it was I Covet Thee who said she loved this, and it looks like a shade unique to what I already own. Natural cream blushes are just as important as bright ones!
I really hope I can find this in Superdrug when I go on a mammoth shopping trip soon! It looks so glowy and lovely, and it's very cheap too! I literally cannot help myself when it comes to blush...

When Summer arrives, so do the bright colours! I have two of these balm stains already, but not a bright pink like this. I am in love with the ones I have so if I had £100 to spend, I would most definitely expand on the collection.

I've been oogling this for ages now, because I love products that turn my skin from dull to glowy. It is more on the expensive side of drugstore foundations but the packaging appears so luxurious that I might just be able to justify it!
On Saturday, I was browsing the 'B.' stand and I came across these shimmer powders. There was a beautiful golden peachy shade which I thouht would really give the cheeks a pick me up!

I have a black gel liner by Collection which is ok, but I thought a brown one would look more natural and rumour has it Maybelline ones are the best in town!

I'm sure Zoella likes this, and by the reviews I would hope I would too! I have awful dark circles but I like lighter textured concealers, not heavier ones. Even if it doesn't cover, perhaps I could use it over the Bobbi Brown Corrector I intend to buy? Or on blemishes?

I'm very jealous of you American ladies! From what I've seen, we only get the light shade whereas across the pond there's four I believe, including a brightener (incredibly pink) and a neutraliser (incredibly yellow). Apparently the other shades are good too, and as I said before I need to find something to cover my under eyes!

My best friend Lauren has this and although I have dry skin, it looked amazing! I was astounded that it covered so well, and only owning one foundation I think I could do with a more full coverae product for evenings or odd bad skin days!

I have the first Undress Me palette, and apparently this is a great dupe for the UD Naked 2! It's very cheap too, and brings my total very close to £100...
Total: £99.87!
No doubt in MAC 5 products would have totalled that amount, so I'm happy to say I managed to squeeze 14 items into £100!
I actually found it very fun doing this, so please let me know in the comments if you think I should turn this into a series? I could do a Boots edition, or Topshop, or River Island... H&M... MAC... Benefit... let me know, and I'm sure I'll have fun seeing what you can find to total round £100 in these places!
Thank you very much for reading!
Megan x

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  1. Please do the Boots edition! My sister is going to the UK in a few weeks and I want her to pick me up a few things :) This would be the perfect guide for her!

    Amina || Blog: Oh just one more ||

    1. Okay Amina! I'll do that soon :) As you can see, there's actually been another comment asking for a kind of guide as to what to buy in the UK, so I'll title the post something like 'The Best of the UK' and I'll include bits and bobs that are good to buy when you're here!

      Megan x

  2. I am going to uk in a few weeks what would you reckon I should buy? x

    1. I'll write a post on it if you'd like!

      Megan x


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