Friday, 10 May 2013

Cheap and Cheerful Fragrances Under £10

Hello everybody!

Although I do love smelling the posh perfumes in Boots and feeling all sophisticated with my paper strip, squirting and wafting around haha, I can never justify spending around £50 on them. A) I only get pocket money, I'm a teen! and B) I would feel tremendously guilty spraying it. I have put together a post today about some perfumes all under £10. Let's begin!


The most recent purchase of mine, is one from NSpa. My mum actually recieved some of their items as a gift from a friend which smelt amazing, so when browsing the shower/bath isle in Asda I literally jumped up and down when I saw a fragrance in the same scent! The fragrance is 'Jasmine and White Musk' which is a soft, sophisticated scent which is quite musky but not too old lady like. It is such a light scent and can although it can be worn all year round, I think it would especially suit the autumn/winter transition. Don't ask why! I like the packaging, a slim cylindical glass bottle which has grey writing and a silver cap. Not the most extravagent of perfume designs, but as always, it's what's inside that counts!

I recieved this one as a Christmas gift and loved it! It is slightly sweet I suppose, but still has a musky almost floral scent which really does suit the name 'Paris'! It does last quite a long time, I'd say around 6 hours before I can't smell it on my wrists any longer but truthfully, it doesn't bother me too much. River Island has a few other perfumes after cities, so if Paris isn't for you, then perhaps London or New York might be your cup of tea!

Zara Women Apple Juice £9.99 for 100ml
(I cannot seem to find any perfumes on the UK Zara website - sorry!)

My favourite scent ever! I LOVE apples. Apples themselves, apple flavoured sweets, apple scents... apple EVERYTHING! I got this when I returned a top which had a hole in, and exhanged it for this and then got the rest as a refund. There was actually more than one of their perfumes I wanted to get but I restrained myself. This is the most long lasting of the perfumes, disappearing at around the 8 hour mark on my skin. The bottle is a bit clunky as it is a huge glass cube, but I do like the box it comes in and the green colour; all very suited to the scent!

That's all!
I must mention, perfumes from Next are also outstanding too, but the ones I have are reaching the end of their time and looking very nasty (and I think some are discontinued).
Thank you very much for reading!
I'll hopefully be posting daily next week, so look out for that as I finally have some time to sit down and write!
Megan x

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