Saturday, 6 April 2013

Saturday Hauling...

Of course, it's Saturday, Shopping Day. Best. Day. Of. The. Week.
And... well I did buy a few things a spend just a *little* bit of money but I did buy some clothes so I don't feel that bad ahah!
The first thing I purchased was this top from River Island, for £7. It's a nice casual tshirt, that says 'LOVE' on it with some kind of sparkles on a black background. I really liked it and it looked nice on, so I don't care, even if the sparkly bits will come off in the washing machine! :(
Next, I went to Primark but didn't buy anything. It could have been that I was just in River Island and my expectations became too high, but the majority of things didn't look nice at all. That made me a bit sad, but I found two lovely things in TKMaxx! The first thing was a beautiful silky bright blue top, with daisy details, sequins and pearls. I don't know why, I just fell in love with this as it is so summery and I can't wait to wear this! The brand of this top is 'Yumi' and I think the RRP was £28.00 (I payed £7.99)? I have been in a Yumi shop before when I was in Cornwall on holiday and their clothes are so cute and elegant.
The sun couldn't decide to come out from behind the clouds or not which is why the lighting here is a bit off!
There's a little close up of the details.
The other thing I got in TKMaxx were some jeans. I struggle to find jeans, because I have very long legs. These are a 10 with a 32" leg that I hope will fit! I tried on the size 8, but they were too tight around my hips so I got the size up instead. I have no clue what brand they are though, but the price was £14.99.
For the beauty side of things, I got some things from a blog sale which arrived today, and 3 things in Superdrug. I went in for a foundation but didn't come out with one :( Is there any you could recommend? I soooo want Face and Body but there aren't any Mac stores I can go to today!
The blog sale is over at The Beauty Visual. I got a Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow in Neo Nebula, which I believe was a limited edition from the Heavenly Creatures collection, and Moisturecover Concealer in NW15 which is a little pink but looks good all the same. I payed £5 for the shadow and £7.50 for the concealer, BARGAIN! And free postage!
 The other makeup product is a MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette. I never fill in my brows, but I wanted a little something just in case, as I literally only have a brow gel, and that's it! This was £1 from Superdrug.
A huge range of Schwarzkopf products were £2.55, so I got a hair oil and a salt spray. They also had a hair spray which I wish I got now!
That's my haul! I've done a few hauls lately, so let me know if you like it or don't! I know I love to read hauls :)
Thank you so much for reading!
Pretty please, in the comments tell me what your favourite foundation is or what you are using now! I'd love to know! :)
Megan x

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  1. OOOoo pretty MAC eyeshadow!

    I love the 'Love' top too!

    Kimberley x

  2. Great haul!


  3. Ooo I want to try those hair products! Will have a look next time I go shopping. At the minute my favourite foundation is the Rimmel Wake Me Up!

    Jaime xx

    1. Oooh yeah, Wake Me Up! That hadn't crossed my mind haha! I should probably buy it, I got it last year but in a way too dark colour so I want to give it another chance!

      Megan x

  4. You got some lovely things!! I love shopping :) And yay!! you went to TKmaxx!! I have 2 pairs of jeans from their, and they can be so cheap!

    1. I'm going to look more often in TKMaxx for jeans, I'm impressed so far!

      Megan x


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