Friday, 5 April 2013

GOSH Soft N Shine Lip Balm Collection + Swatches

Hey everyone!
Last year, in Superdrug lauren and I were shopping along, when we spotted a clearance bin of loads of Gosh products! Looking back, I wish I had payed attention to the other things there but I was too focused on these lip balms, of which I managed to get 14. All of them were 99p, bar one which was £1.99 (Soft Touch).

Packaging on these is really nice, a sleek gunmetal shiny tube with all writing in white and the names on the end.

Lets start with the colours in the bullet, left to right from the top picture. We have...

Barbie - a bubblegum sheer pink, very buildable!

Passion Pink - quite pigmented bright pink with some shimmer.

Angel - like Soft Touch but with some gold shimmer.
Scarlet - my favourite! Sheer mauve/neutral pink.
Perfect Plum - sheer purple, quite pigmented.

Antique Gold - ridiculous gold, medium pigmentation.
Mocha - red/brown, quite pigmented.

Soft Touch - very neutral brown pink, quite pigmented.

Aubergine - vampy deep reddy/purple with iridescent flecks.

Sweetheart - pigmented peachy pink with gold shimmer.
Irony - a sheer orange/coral.
Kiss - very bright cherry red, extremely pigmented.

I'm not going to go to much into the formula as this is a collection post, not a review as such, but it is very nice, quite moisturising, glossy and not particularly long lasting. They smell nice, but I believe are discountinued.

The order is from left to right, row by row...
Barbie, Passion Pink, Angel, Scarlet.
Perfect Plum, Antique Gold, Mocha, Soft Touch.
Aubergine, Sweetheart, Irony, Kiss.
I have backups of Scarlet and Perfect Plum which is why I own 14, but there is/was 12 in the range.
That is it then!
I hope you enjoyed this post, keep our eye out for bargains like these!
Thank you!
Megan x

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  1. Wow, these are beautiful Megan! Where did you get them from and do you know if they can still be puchased?

    Also, I have made a blog button and I would love it if you could add myne to your blog button list. I have already added yours to my blog x
    Millie xx

    1. I got them from Superdrug about 6 months ago, so I'm not sure you can still get them :(
      Of course, I will do that now!

      Megan x

  2. 99p each- say what?!? These look so gorgeous! What a fabulous bargain xx

  3. Hey I love your blog! <3 I'm following it :) I have a new blog and I would love it if you'd check it out and maybe follow? <3 <3

  4. Such a lovely collection and you're so lucky to have found them in a clearance sale!

    Kathryn x

    1. Thank you! I like a good ol' bargain!

      Megan x

  5. What a bargain, you lucky thing! These look really good :)

    Charlotte xxx

  6. What good prices! I wish I could find them for these prices.

    1. Keep looking Dejhana! :)

      Megan x

  7. I love the lippies!


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