Thursday, 4 April 2013

Collection 2000 Moisturising Matte Lip Cream in Fairy Cake

Hey again!
Today is a post on the Collection 2000 Moisturising Lip Cream in Fairy Cake, which I know everyone was raving about a long time ago, but I've only just got round to posting my review!
As always, lets start with packaging. I adore it actually, I think the colour coordinated tubes are a nice idea and suprisingly accurate, and knowing me, I like the matte lid a lot! I don't think they look particularly expensive, but at £2.99 I cannot complain as after all, it's what's inside that counts!

Above, you can see the two I own, Fairy Cake at the top and Angel Delight (coming soon!) at the bottom.
In this post I will be reviewing Fairy Cake, which is a beautiful matte pink leaning coral shade that I adore! I love it on my skin tone (which for reference, is extremely pale at current but tans very quickly and has yellow undertones) and I don't mind that it is matte actually, as when on the lips I don't find them too drying if I apply lipbalm previous to wear.

There it is on the lips! The applicator is a (not the worst nor the best) doe foot, which doesn't prove hard to use at all. When you apply it to the lips, it feels almost sueded and soft, a really nice texture. it drys down a little to leave you with a matte lip. The only complaint I have with these is that if you apply too much or more than one layer it clumps up which isn't too attractive, so stick to one application until it has worn off. They are incredibly pigmented too! I find them to last short of 2 hours but I do have a habit of rubbing my lips together should that affect anything!
Have you given these a go? If not, I think you should!
Thank you for reading, come again soon!
Megan x

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  1. Ooh it's beautiful! I've wanted to try them for ages but I've got really dry lips :/ xoxo

    1. Thanks Helen! Oh dear, perhaps a slick of lip balm before hand could help?

      Megan x

  2. Looks really good!I've put your button up on my page now!

  3. I love the colour on your skin tone, it's so lovely!

    Kathryn x

  4. These look lovely, great review! :)

    Charlotte xxx

  5. lovely pictures, i really need to try some of these!
    i am a new follower and would really appreciate if you came and looked at my blog and maybe followed?:)

  6. Good post! I'll have to try these lip products out!
    Just followed!


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