Friday, 15 March 2013

Why should we shop in charity shops? - Mini Haul!

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Anyways, recently I have been shopping in charity shops, the British Heart Foundation to be exact. We all have the incorrect perception that charity shops are for older people and all they have are old fuddy duddy clothes that are quite frankly, disgusting.
This isn't how it always is though! Ok, some things might not be to everyone's taste but skimming the racks doesn't take long at all, and I guarantee there will be something you will like! I think we all hate it when we see people in the street wearing the exact same clothes as us!
Not only is charity shop shopping more purse friendly and unique, it is also more economical as the clothes don't go to waste.
So here are the 4 items I bought these past few days!

First, this beige silky vest from Primark, a slightly oversized size 10. It has a recurrent pattern of dalmations with red collars which I love. I never really hopped onto the the quite literally animal print 'bandwagon' but this was a very small amount of £2.99! It has not been worn too much as it looks brand new!

Secondly, I found this beautiful white lace crop top. This was a complete steal at £4.49! It had never been worn, as the tags were on it which said the RRP was £9.99! I'm unsure of this brand, but I'm quite sure it could be a New Look consession brand as I am sure the prices were the New Look font (how sad!). I layered this over a skater dress and I felt very creative and fashionable!

This cute tshirt was £2.99, and as you can see it is Dorothy Perkins! I love this as it is a beautiful dusty pink with white embroidered butterflies all over. I think for those lazy days this will be perfect!
Last but not least...

I just adore this way too much! It is the best item I have found, and for £3.30, I'm not complaining! Clearly, the brand is H&M which is lovely, and if I saw this in there I would have gladly paid a max of £20 for it! The material is a silky kind, with monochrome black and white stripes. The whole look is an oversized, slouchy relaxed vest. I don't know why, I just love it!

Total - £13.77

Well that was £13.77 well spent!
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Megan x
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  1. What great things for a charity shop! Ive never found anything I liked from one, I prefer ebay! X

    1. It takes some shopping around, but once you find a few nice things you become addicted! Haha, ooh now I'm going to go over to ebay and have a browse... if I buy anything it is your fault! ;)

      Megan x

  2. Wow you got some great clothes there, I love the butterfly top and the lace top, so pretty :o)

    Following you on bloglovin, thanks for following me

    Jac x0x

    1. Thank you Matilly!
      Your welcome, thank you for following me!

      Megan x


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