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OPI Avojuice Hand and Body Lotion Review


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OPI are well known in the beauty/nail land. Really well known in fact, for their apptly named polishes and gorgeous collections. But not so well known for their hand creams, dubbed 'Avojuices'. Let me introduce you!

I purchased these Avojuies in a store called 'Boundary Mills'. They were priced at £2.25 each and I'm certain they're some kind of Christmas edition, as they are called 'Vanilla Snowflake' and 'Peppermint Shimmer'. Basically, they are mini hand creams that you can throw in your bag whenever your hands need a bit of TLC.

'Vanilla Snowflake' has a sweet vanilla scent. I do like the scent, it is a little sickly but only when you load it on.

'Peppermint Shimmer' is a wake me up kind of minty smell, which is shimmery (personally I don't see the point of a shimmery hand/body cream, but perhaps used as a body lotion on your legs may act as a highlight and give the illusion of leaner pins).

To me, these have given Soap & Glory Hand Food some competition. They have a great range of scents and these moisurise and absorb soooo quickly and there is no greasy felling. I don't suffer with overly dry hands, but I find they do a nice job of keeping them soft and supple!

There are many listings of these on eBay, so check there to buy. Alternatively, check to see if there is a Boundary Mills near you or buy on the Lena White website, which will be linked here.
The ones featured in this post are 30ml, for £2.25 (prices will vary on eBay) however 200ml bottles are available too!
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I'm thinking of doing a post series on my nail polish collection, starting with China Glaze and OPI. What do you think?
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