Thursday, 14 March 2013

My MUA Single Eyeshadow Collection and Review - Part 1 of 2

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I'm sure we have all heard to MUA. They started with many products that were £1 and now have an extensive range of a variety of products that don't exceed the £6 mark! But here is a collection/review of the eyeshadows I own. There's eight to look at, so I will feature 4 now in a few days I will feature the rest!
Here is them all together. From left to right, Row 1: Shade 11, Shade 17, Shade 27, Shade 30, Shade 9, Shade 10, Shade 3, Shade 24.
I quite like the little selection I own. Just writing this post makes me want more, I mean... £1! For suprisingly good quality also! Here are some swatches of the first row shades (11,17,27,30) which are
the more neutral I own. Shade 17 does not have a lid because it snapped of, however a little discussion of the packaging will come later!
 (Shade 11, Shade 17, Shade 27, Shade 30)
Shade 11:
- Dark brown shimmer.
- Has fallout.
- Very pigmented.
- Buttery Texture.
- Relatively long lasting.
Shade 17:
- Perfect neutral matt lid shade.
- Does not have fallout.
- Lovely texture.
- Nice skin tone match to blank out the eye.
Shade 27:
- Neutral gold shimmer.
- Blends away if you do so too much!
- Quite sheer, and because of this it is nice for a wash of sparkle over a finished look.
- Can have fallout.
Shade 30:
- Beautiful true copper shimmer.
- Chunkier shimmer.
-Lovely for the Autumn.
- Amazing on the lash line.
- Buttery but can have fallout.
To avoid fallout, you could use these eyeshadows with a wet brush or do as Pixiwoo did, and use a flat shadow brush and carefully press them onto the eye. They blend very nicely, however Shade 27 is quite easy to sheer out which may not be to everyone's taste but I really don't mind. If you are just getting into makeup and are looking to build your collection, MUA are the brand to go to.  I cannot fault these little gems for the price especially!
However, although the packaging is simple and not the worst I have seen, it isn't the most secure either! As you can see, the lids may snap off but I would rather MUA skimped on the packaging than the product inside!
Is there any other eyeshadows you can recommend from the range that I don't have? I am considering splurging on Saturday, so if I do you shall all be informed, don't worry!
Thank you very much for reading, perhaps you would like me to do a few eye looks using some of these shades? Give me a few suggestions down below in the comments, it would be nice to have a challenge!
Megan x


  1. I haven't tried the Si gel eyeshadow a before but I love the palettes. Lovely review , I look forward to reading part two.

    Kimberley x


    1. Sorry I meant single eyeshadows! Stupid dictionary on my phone changed it.

    2. No worries, Kimberley! It happens to all of us haha!

      I have the Undressed and Immaculate palettes, and I love those also! Give the singles a try!

      I hope you enjoy the next part also!

      Megan x


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