Monday, 18 March 2013

MUA Extreme 3 in 1 Contour Liners

Hey again!
Again, I think we all know MUA for their bargainous buys all under £6. Today, I will focus on these £1.50 liners! (Or 'Eye Pens' which is ridiculous as they are clearly a twist up pencil, so why are they described as that on the website and not a contour liner?)
Firstly, lets start with the packaging. I think the packaging is really lovely! The product comes in a cylinder shaped stick, that has a twist up mechanism. The writing is sliver, and the overall colour is a matte black. I think it could pass to be more expensive than £1.50! The only thing that really bugs me is that once you throw away the box, you have no way of finding out what the shade is called, as no where on the product is it written! I'm quite sure I have 'Smoked Plum' and 'Sage'.
Sage is a silvery based green dusty shimmery undescribeable strange but nice colour. Haha! I find this goes nicely with brown eyes.
'Smoked Plum' is a gorgeous plummy purple shimmery dark liner. I really like this and I think I will wear it today! Would you like and EOTD if it goes well?
Both liners are very pigemented and soft. They don't last an incredibly long time, as they do fade as the day goes on. I will be able to give you an accurate hour lasting time today if I wear them!
Overall, if you are just getting into makeup, stock up on these! They have some beautiful colours that I want to try and the quality is certainly not bad for the price!
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
Megan x


  1. These are great for £1.50 will definitely need to be purchasing some!




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