Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Makeup Organisational Tips #2

Being on a budget, not all of us can afford swish MUJI storage (though I do plan to save for some.. just... not yet.. hehe). So here are a few little tips and images on makeup storage to help us along!
Use desk organisers.
This particular desk organiser is from TKMaxx. I believe it was £7.99 just after Xmas, but you can find all sorts in places like 'The Range' and 'WHSmiths' if it isn't there anymore.
As you can tell, this one has 3 front spaces and two rectangular spaces behind.
In the front compartments, I store my Gosh Soft'n'Shine Lip Balms (I have 14) which fit like a glove. Then, I have my powders and blotting sheets, and on the last one, face products such as foundations and highlighters.
Lastly, in the back two compartments, I keep palettes and face wipes.
No doubt you already know this, but these are great to store products in as it minimises clutter and you won't knock things over as easily as they would be standing alone. Everything has a place, which I really like and it fits snuggly onto my shelf.
So that is my second tip. I hope that you learned something new, or if not you got inspiration to store your makeup collection differently!
I hope to be back soon with another one of these posts!
How do you store your makeup?
Thank you for reading!
Megan x


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  2. Aw what a great idea! Love ideas like this. Defo need to sort out my cosmetics!
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    1. That's lovely Millie!
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  3. This is a great idea! Thank you :)

    Charlotte xxx

    1. You're welcome Charlotte!

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