Tuesday, 5 March 2013

GOSH Lazy Green

Hi everyone!
Khaki is the colour of the moment, with camo and military being in the shops for a few months now. To continue this, I have painted my nails in GOSH Lazy Green. This is simply a perfect khaki creme polish which I would love to accessorize with a few brown an black splodges for a DIY camo print nail look.
Here is 2 coats with a topcoat from Maybelline, which was supposed to dry in 50 secs but clearly didn't as yet AGAIN, I woke up with a lovely duvet print on my nails. Well thats just fab.

The formula on this was flawless, as are the majority of other Gosh nail polishes I own. There was no patchiness and opacity was easily reached in one coat, I just like to use 2 for reassurance.
Also, I actually got this for £2.50 instead of £5! In Superdrug, there was a little sign above the nail polishes saying which ones were half price, and if any more had been there I would of scooped them all up and ran to the checkout!
Wear time was also impressive, this was painted onto my nails on Wednesday evening and yesterday (Sunday) there was no chips what so ever and it could have carried on for a few more days before I picked it off (bad habit, anyone else do that?!). So, at least 4 days out of it looking perfect!
What is on your nails at the moment?
Do you love GOSH?
Let me know in the comments, thank you for taking your time to read!
Megan x

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