Friday, 8 March 2013

Current Favourite Earrings


So, I adore cute earrings. I love that you can add a little something to your outfit without looking crazy!
Here are the few I have been wearing the most recently!

This first pair were £2.50 from F&F at Tesco. I have a love for anything rose gold and athough these have become more antique looking every time I wear them, that was the colour they were on purchase and as they are so simple they go with most things.

These were from New Look, £3 ish (sorry, I can't remember exactly!). I cannot find these online, but for reference they were bought just after Christmas, and the packaging they were attached to was white. I hope no one is offended that they are crosses, it is by no means a religious statement!
I love these, as they are quite edgy due to them being studs and yet they are quite subtle. The only thing that angered me was these were meant to be £2 (I remember that bit) yet when I got to the til they scanned at around £3, so even though they had a sale sticker they charged full price. Wish I had told the cashier now, grrr!

This pair is from H&M. They were £1.99 a few months back, and what drew me to them was the duochrome stud. It flashes a ruby, blue and amber colour which looks so beautiful when worn. These aren't a small stud, but they are still simple enough to be apired with many outfits. I want to wear them with something entirely monochromic... what do you think?
This last pair is from  New Look. These are definitely more statement. They consist of a scallop-esque shell piece, which then has 3 long spikes dangling from it. I got these for £1 in the sale!
So there you have it!
My favourite current earrings.
I hope you didn't mind this fashion related post, thank you for reading!
Megan x


  1. Love the first pair, so cute xo

  2. I really love all of these earring, they all look so pretty!

    Lauren x

  3. Love the hearts! So cute!

    <3 Kayla


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